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Geeks from Daugavpils Are Back!

The Daugavpils Geek community is doing it again! Visit their stall at UniCon 2024 to witness epic battles between various forces in the Warhammer 40000 universe.

What to Expect:

  • Miniature Building and Painting Masterclass: Learn to build and paint your own miniatures with expert guidance.
  • Demonstrational Warhammer 40000 Games: Watch beautifully painted miniatures in action during glorious gameplay demonstrations.
  • Bitz Bazaar and Painters' Display: Explore the Bitz bazaar and marvel at the painters' display showcasing incredible craftsmanship.

Join Us at UniCon 2024

Don't miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in the Warhammer 40000 universe with the Daugavpils Geek community. See you there for epic battles and creative fun!

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Wargames Photos

A group of people gathered around a table at a convention, painting miniatures and working on tabletop gaming models under desk lamps.
A wide view of a tabletop gaming setup with numerous painted miniatures, including soldiers, robots, and vehicles, arranged on a detailed terrain featuring greenery and structures.
A close-up of a large, detailed mechanical miniature painted in red and silver colors, equipped with various weapons, displayed at a convention.
A detailed tabletop gaming setup featuring various painted miniatures, including soldiers, robots, and vehicles, arranged on a grassy terrain with structures.
A large, intricately painted mechanical miniature surrounded by other figures on a tabletop gaming terrain.
A blue robot miniature standing next to a terrain piece on a detailed tabletop gaming setup.
Close-up of painted miniature figures, including blue armored soldiers, on a detailed tabletop gaming terrain.
A person in a straw hat focused on painting a miniature model at a convention, with a tray of paints and supplies on the table.
A detailed diorama of a dungeon scene with miniature figures, including a dragon and adventurers, set up on a tabletop at a convention.
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