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Old School Is The Best School

Retrogaming at UniCon 2024 offers vintage and ported gaming experiences. Dive into the nostalgia of classic games played on their original hardware, and enjoy ported retro games on modern devices.

Vintage Retrogaming

Play classic games on authentic retro consoles as they were originally intended.

Ported Retrogaming

Enjoy classic games on modern hardware through ports or compilations, combining nostalgia with current technology.

Join Us at UniCon 2024

Relive the classics and explore retrogaming. Whether you're a vintage game enthusiast or new to retro classics, there's something for everyone!

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Retrogaming Photos

Rows of gamers sitting at computers in a spacious convention hall, participating in a large-scale gaming event.
A person playing a retro video game on a computer at a convention, using a classic game controller.
Convention attendees playing retro video games on computers, with one person wearing an owl mask next to the monitor.
Two people playing a Mario Kart game on a computer, their characters racing on a colorful track.
A convention participant playing a retro video game on a computer, with a classic game displayed on the screen.
A gamer in costume playing a first-person shooter game on a computer at a convention.
Convention attendees engaged in a computer gaming session, one person in the foreground wearing a white jacket with an emblem.
A row of participants playing retro multiplayer games on computers, with a sign reading 'Retro Multiplayer' in the foreground.
Two gamers intensely playing World of Warcraft on their computers, surrounded by various computer hardware.
A group of people focused on their computer screens, participating in a gaming session at a convention. One person is notably wearing a construction helmet.
Two young boys engrossed in a computer game at a convention, with other attendees and merchandise visible in the background.
A gamer with headphones playing a rhythm game on a computer, focused on the screen displaying the game's interface.
Close-up of a computer monitor displaying a rhythm game with colorful circles and scores, during a gaming competition.
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