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Sweet Taste of Magic: The Gathering

This year, the sweet taste of magic will be brought to you by our friends from the Daugavpils Geek community. Our geeky partners will have their Magic: The Gathering cards and decks ready for all kinds of fun at UniCon 2024.

Beginner-Friendly Gameplay

No prior knowledge of Magic: The Gathering? No worries! We have special beginner-friendly decks to help you get into the game without any hassle.

Casual Gameplay for Experienced Players

Are you an experienced player without a deck? We've got you covered with our EDH decks for some casual and enjoyable gameplay.

Custom Gameplay for Enthusiasts

Got a collection of decks and eager to play? Let us know your preferred format, and we'll be ready for you!

Looking for Specific Cards?

If you're searching for specific cards, chat with us on Facebook. We'll share links to our collections and see how we can help you.

Join Us at UniCon 2024

Don't miss out on the Magic: The Gathering fun with the Daugavpils Geek community at UniCon 2024. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced player, or a card collector, there's something for everyone!

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MTG Photos

Close-up of a boxed 'Magic: The Gathering' Warhammer 40,000 Commander Deck, displayed among other card game products.
Close-up of a card game in progress, with cards and dice placed on a game mat featuring colorful artwork.
Two people sitting across from each other at a table, playing a card game, with a busy convention floor in the background.
Several people dressed in cosplay costumes, sitting at a table and focused on playing a tabletop card game.
A group of people sitting at tables, playing tabletop card games in a large, well-lit convention hall.
Close-up view of a tabletop card game in progress, with various cards, dice, and game accessories spread across the table.
Four people sitting at a table, deeply engaged in a tabletop card game, surrounded by various decks and game accessories.
A group of four people playing a card game at a table, one person holding a fan of cards and another placing cards on the table.
No items found.