WinterCon VII?

WinterCon VII is multigenre convention - festival/expo type of event dedicated to comics, eSports, cosplay, traditional and popular East Asian culture, presentations, entertainment technologies, tabletops, role-playing games etc. (basically, Comic Con).

Oh, that's sounds nice! When will all this cool stuff happen? 

WinterCon VII will take place on 22nd and 23rd of January 2022.


Kipsala International exhibitions center. Kipsalas street 8, Riga, Latvia.

COVDI-19 Safety Regulations?

Under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia decree No. 662 WinterCon VII will have the “epidemiologically safe environment” - which will allow to host the event without time, visitor amount restrictions, without obligatory face masks regime and without 2m social distancing. However, only people with “full vaccination” digital certificate or digital certificate that confirms that person was previously ill with COVID-19 within previous 180 days could visit the event. Negative COVID-19 test result won’t be sufficient to enter the event. Unfortunately under current regulation children under 12 wont be able to visit the event. 

How long does the event last?

WinterCon VII is open for general public from 12:00 to 20:00 both days.

How much do tickets cost and where do I get them?

One day ticket costs 18€ and two-day ticket costs 25€, fan ticket costs 55€. You can get tickets online or at the event entrance. The ticket price is fixed and will not grow. You can also purchase tickets at the event entrance for the same price and without commission.  

Is there a discount system?

There are no general discounts. However, some contest participants qualify for discounted tickets. Also children younger than 7 y.o. can enter event for free.

Ok, I'm in. What can I see in here?

Please check out our digest for visitors and for participants on this website. Also grab the event journal with the schedule and the plan of the event venue at the entrance! 

This all sounds awesome, but can I go to UniCon without a costume?

You sure can! Cosplay is not mandatory. Even if you are in costume it is not obligatory to participate in the cosplay contest. Cosplay is all about fun and having good time.

Oh, about the Cosplay Contest. Can anyone participate in it with their costumes? 

Yes, but we have a limited amount of performances we can allow on stage - not more than 100. 


Can I participate even if I have never been on stage before?

Absolutely! We welcome newcomers and even have a special awards category for debutants.

What if I don't have any friends to go with. 

UniCon is one of the biggest themed community events in the Baltic states with participants not only from Riga but from all around Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland etc. Here you can find the best type of friends - those who share your interests and hobbies!

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Yes. We don't prohibit to do that as a lot of mean events do ;) Also there will be Expo Diner and other vendors with hot food for you and there is a large trade center Olympia in 10 minutes walk from the venue. Oh, and we also provide free still water!


Will vendors take debit/credit cards?

Some vendors do take debit/credit cards but not all of them. We do recommend you bring cash with you.

Where do I find an ATM?

There is a Swedbank ATM at the entrance of the venue. There are lot of ATMs on the ground floor of Olympia trade center as well.

How much cash should I bring?

Bring as much cash as your budget allows as the loot is tempting :) 

Will there be alcohol?

UniCon exhibitors are not allowed to sell alcohol due to the nature of our audience. The venue catering may provide alcohol. If you choose to drink please do so responsibly. Any inappropriate behavior will result in you being asked to leave the event.

Can I film videos and take photographs?

Yes. Please ask permission first from anyone you would like to video or photograph and respect their wishes if they decline.

Will I be caught on camera?

UniCon attracts local press, bloggers and many photographers. By attending UniCon, you give your consent to be photographed and appear on camera. You could end up on www.unicon.lv, our social media pages or on material published by media companies.​

What languages are used on the panels and workshops?

The majority of the panels will be held in English, since a lot of our guests are from other countries. You will find a flag marking the Latvian, Russian and English spoken panels in the online- and print versions of the program.

What if I am harassed?

Harassment of any kind - including stalking, deliberate intimidation, unwelcome physical attention, physical assault and battery, unwanted sexual advances - will not be tolerated at UniCon. If it's illegal outside the convention center, it's illegal inside the convention center. Harassment is grounds for removal from the convention without refund as well as potential legal action. We want UniCon to be safe, open and accepting environment for all Fans, and if you find yourself victim of harassment at the convention please come immediately to the UniCon Info Desk.

Soooo... this is basically a weeaboo animu lovers gathering...

This is not correct. Even though traditional and popular Japanese culture is a significant part of UniCon, those themes do not constitute even a 1/3 of events content. And, most importantly, we stand for healthy endorsement of your hobbies!

UniCon Organisation

What is UniCon?

UniCon is a brand which unites more than 80 volunteer staff members and dedicated fans under the legal roof of "Jauniešu brīvo interešu biedrība".​

What do you do?

Our primary goal is to promote diverse hobbies and geek culture phenomena in atmosphere of friendship and tolerance. In order to achieve this goal we are holding two major events per year as well as free monthly community activities.

How long have you been doing it?

"Jauniešu brīvo interešu biedrība" was founded in 2012 and the first UniCon was held in 2013.

Sounds neat! How can I join UniCon staff!?

We are holding recruiting meetings twice a year, if you follow our social media you won't miss the announcements. Attending the meetings doesn't mean that you automatically will be taken in the staff.

I'm Business representative and Interested in B2B relations with you.  

Please contact us through office(at)unicon.lv