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What is Cosplay?

Cosplay, a blend of 'costume' and 'play,' is a hobby where fans dress up as their favorite characters from comics, films, anime, manga, and video games. It's about immersing yourself in a character and bringing a fantastical world to life.

Creative and Challenging

Cosplay combines costume design, prop making, acting, and special effects makeup. It allows you to express your creativity and craftsmanship.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Cosplayers spend hours crafting costumes, learning skills like sewing, prop building, and makeup application to perfect their cosplay.

UniCon 2024 Cosplay Events

  • Up to five hours of cosplay contests
  • Regional qualifiers for Austria's Tournament of Champions and C2E2 Crown Championships
  • Tutorial panels and workshops for beginners

More Than a Hobby

Cosplay is a passion and a celebration of beloved characters and stories. Join us at UniCon 2024 to experience the magic of cosplay!

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Cosplay Photos

Cosplayer dressed as a futuristic robot posing with a smiling attendee at a convention vendor booth.
Cosplayer with a deformed eye covered by a black hood, holding a creepy doll with wide eyes
Cosplayer with a TV head and floral jacket at a convention, showcasing unique and creative costume design.
Cosplayer dressed as a character with spiky blonde hair, holding a large sword over their shoulder.
Large group of cosplayers performing a choreographed dance on stage at a convention
Two cosplayers in distinctive masks and tactical gear, posing for a photo at a convention.
Cosplayer with white hair holding a detailed staff, standing in a misty, blue-lit environment.
Close-up of a cosplayer in an intricate costume with leather armor and a medieval theme at a convention
Cosplayer dressed as Ronald McDonald posing at a convention with various vendor booths in the background."
Cosplayer in a yellow dress and long blue hair, holding colorful scarves above their head on stage.
Group of cosplayers in creative costumes at a convention, featuring a character with a vine staff and another with colorful hair and dark outfit
Cosplayer in a pink and white rabbit-themed suit with bright makeup, walking through a convention hall.
Cosplayer in a detailed outfit with pink hair, posing with a prop weapon at a convention
Group of cosplayers in dark, hooded costumes with chains, performing on stage with dramatic lighting.
Cosplayer portraying an animated character in blue and yellow armor, shouting passionately on stage at a convention.
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