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Amazing Merchandise and Collectables

Shop from a Wide Range of Merchandise

Discover everything from small collectible cards to huge original-size replicas at UniCon 2024! Our vendors will display a vast collection of merchandise for purchase.

What You Can Find:
  • Anime Figurines
  • Funko Pop
  • Dakimakura Pillows
  • Pins
  • Tabletops
  • Plushies
  • K-pop Bands Merch
  • Asian Sweets
  • And Much More!

Domestic and International Vendors

Our stands feature merchandise from both domestic and international vendors, ensuring a diverse and exciting shopping experience.

Join Us at UniCon 2024

Don't miss out on the opportunity to shop for unique and rare items at UniCon 2024. Explore the vendor stands and find the perfect additions to your collection!

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Shops Photos

A booth displaying a variety of anime body pillows and plushies, featuring characters from popular series. The shelves are filled with colorful and cute stuffed animals and pillows.
A vendor booth selling handmade leather goods and accessories. A customer with green hair and a black face mask is browsing the items while the vendor, wearing a hat, looks on.
A booth showcasing an assortment of anime figures, toys, and merchandise. The vendor, wearing a white hoodie with red designs, stands behind the display, which also includes Monopoly-themed boxes.
A detailed close-up of a mug featuring the direwolf sigil from Game of Thrones, with the text 'Winter is Coming Stark' embossed on the side
A group of attendees browsing a wall filled with Funko Pop! figures at a convention booth. The display is organized in multiple rows and columns, with figures of various characters.
A vendor organizing merchandise behind a glass display case filled with small figurines. A customer with pink hair is seen in the foreground.
Attendees browsing a convention booth filled with a variety of anime and pop culture merchandise, including figures, posters, and collectibles. The vendor is assisting a customer."
A table filled with puzzle boxes and other brain teasers, neatly stacked and displayed for sale.
A close-up of detailed anime figures on display, showcasing dynamic poses and intricate designs.
A large collection of Funko Pop! vinyl figures stacked neatly on shelves, with colorful price tags attached to each box.
Keychains of popular Pokémon characters Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle displayed on a wire rack at a vendor booth.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures in colorful packaging, prominently displayed on a vendor's table.
Bottles of BTS-themed beverages featuring members of the popular K-pop group, displayed among other drinks at a vendor booth.
A wall of t-shirts featuring various anime and pop culture designs, with attendees browsing the display at a convention booth.
A young woman browsing a booth filled with anime plushies, hats, and various merchandise at a convention
Stuffed plush toys hanging in clear plastic bags from a rack at a vendor booth, each resembling different characters.
An assortment of Monster Energy drinks displayed on a vendor's table, with various flavors and colorful cans arranged in rows.
A collection of anime figurines in bikinis displayed on a table, showing the back view of the characters.
Convention attendees browsing vendor booths filled with comics, collectibles, and other merchandise. A large screen displaying the Sunday schedule is visible in the background.
A table filled with a variety of collectible pins and badges, each featuring different designs and characters from pop culture.
A display of various swords and katana replicas arranged on a wooden rack at a convention booth, with a young boy examining one of the items.
A collection of intricately designed metal lightsabers displayed in black cases, showcasing their detailed craftsmanship.
No items found.