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General Info

Hello, dear cosplayers! Thank you for taking an interest in the UniCon cosplay competition.  

The deadline for the applications is Sunday 28 July.  

Contest participants are eligible for a discounted ticket (can be purchased only at the event entrance for 15 EUR). 

You don't need to buy a ticket online, cosplayers who will be participating in the cosplay competition are subject to a discounted ticket which is available only at event entrance. Regular tickets are not applicable for stage performance.

Leona from League of Legends Cosplay


We accept costumes of characters from movies, TV shows, games, anime, cartoons, visual novels, historical figures and celebrities, etc – any officially published or broadcast source. We also accept original characters and your original designs of already existing characters.

ONE COSTUME is not eligible for more than 1 prize. If you participate in the Solo and Group category with the same costume - only one performance can take the prize, or the next best participant or cosband shall be selected instead.  

The limit of performing with the same costume - no more than 2 times.

Stage size 14 x 6 m

Bought costumes are allowed to participate in the contest.

If your application is not accepted for the contest you still can apply for Cosplay Masquerade during the event. Cosplay Masquerade participants are not subject to discounted tickets.


Cosplay Performance
Embody your favorite characters by acting and performing as them on the big stage.
This category is all about dressing up and performing as your chosen characters
If half of the performance is dancing of any sort, then you’ll be moved to Cosplay Dance section.

Solo performance - Maximum performance length – 1 minute
Duo performance - Maximum performance length – 1 minute 30 seconds
Any duo where participants come from two different countries automatically qualifies for a Joint International Performance nomination!
Group performance (3-8) - Maximum performance length – 2 minutes 30 seconds

Cosplay Dance
Show us your dance moves while also dressing up as your favorite characters.This category is all about your skill, grace and synchronicity in the art of dance.
Cosplay Dance (1-8) - Maximum performance length – 1 minute 15 seconds

Non-contest Entry
We will approach non-contest entry requests individually, please contact via email with your ideas.

Props and Helpers

What is Allowed
- Confetti, party poppers (need to be marked during registration or at the latest during the rehearsals);
- If you have huge props that need to be on stage. Please notify us about them via email at;
- 1 backstage helper per performance can be registered after receiving confirmation of participation in the cosplay contest. If the helper is found to disturb the rehearsal process or cause inconveniences in the dressing room, they will be asked to leave the backstage area. Helpers are not subject to a discounted ticket;
- Use of stage squad as props or helpers;
- Helpers (stage squad or self-selected ones) cannot overshadow the cosplayers and it must be clearly understandable who are the main actors in the performance.

What is not Allowed
- Contestants can't participate with the same performance in K-pop and coplay contest;
- Usage of a cosplay that has already won an international contest;
- Preforming in a cosplay previously used for UniCon Latvia or WinterCon cosplay contest performances;
- Microphones are not allowed during performance;
- Pyrotechnics and open flames are not allowed during performance;
-Fake blood or glitter is not allowed to be spilled on stage but is allowed in use for make-up;
-No liquids on stage unless it was allowed by cosplay coordinator at the latest during rehearsal;
- Swearing, offensive language, suggestive noises in the video or audio material for use on stage;
- Overly violent or suggestive performances;
- No sharp or pointy objects that could harm other people or damage their costume;
- No real guns are allowed at the venue only cosplay replicas or airsoft. All guns are subject to being checked by security and must be unloaded and have a orange tip ( if its a fictional crafted gun no need for the orange tip) it can be removed for stage performance only if cosplay coordinator or stage director has cleared it prior to going on stage.

Judging, Pre-judging and Awards

Judging will be held by 3 international judges who will rate your performance and cosplay mastery.

10 points for acting/performance/dance – Points are awarded based on how well acted, presented your character is or how grand the performance is on stage. For Dance category its how well every one is in sync the over all feel and spectacle of the dance and show.

10 points for cosplay mastery – Points are awarded based on the quality and look of your cosplay

Pre-judging only applies to those who marked “self made” (80% of the costume is self made).
During prejudging you must arrive 10 min before your allocated time.
During pre-judging judges will rate the quality of your costume by closely examining it and asking you questions about its creation.


Cosplay Central Crown Championship Baltic Qualifier - 1 place and runner up.
Tournament of Champions Latvian Qualifier - 1 place and runner up.

Cosplay Performance (50% performance 50% cosplay)
- Solo 1st, 2nd, 3rd place
- Duo 1st, 2nd, 3rd place
- Group 1st, 2nd, 3rd place

Cosplay Dance (60% performance 40% cosplay)
- 1st, 2nd, 3rd place

Additional awards

Best Joint International Performance - 1 place
Any duo where participants come from two different countries automatically qualifies for a Joint International Performance nomination!
Best Anime/Manga character - 1 place
Best Film/Series character - 1 palace
Best Videogame character - 1 place
Best Original character - 1 place (if your wish to participate in this category please select OC in "Fandom" drop down list at the beginning of the application).


​Participants will have a chance to try out for the Cosplay Central Crown Championships Finals - and win a fully paid-for trip to represent Baltic Region in the Finals during Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) on 11 - 13 April 2025, Chicago, United States. A representative for the whole Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) will be selected.

Applicants must hold a Latvian/Lithuanian/Estonian permanent residence, be 18+ and not be involved with the organisation of UniCon for at least 12 months prior to the selection.

Full requirements and judging details are available here.

In order to apply for the Cosplay Central Crown Championship you have to put a mark in the performance application. Only solo performances can apply.

Cosplay Central Crown Championships logo


Participants will have a chance to try out for the Tournament of Champions and win a fully paid-for trip to represent Latvia at the finals during YuniCon in Vienna (Austria) on 31 October 2024. ​

Applicants must hold a Latvian permanent residence, be 18+ and not be involved with the organization of UniCon for at least 12 months prior to the selection. ​

Full requirements and judging details are available here

​In order to apply for the Tournament of Champions you have to put a mark in the performance application. Only solo performances can apply

YuniCon Tournament of Champions Cosplay Competition logo

Technical Specifications

Please remember, when submitting links through Google Drive, adjust your sharing settings, to “anyone with the link can view”, so we can access your files. We also recommend submitting a link to a folder where you can put all your files together. After the deadline accepted applications will have a short period of time to submit any missing or changed files for their performance.

We only accept .mp3 files if there is no .mp3 at the end of your file or there's another combo of letters please use an online file converter to make it an mp3 file for example

The following images are required in the good quality of at least 1980x1080 (except the background screen). If pictures don’t comply with the requirements we will replace them with different ones. In case your sent image doesn't have the sufficient resolution we reserve the right to replace it. For OC reference image will represent your character to the whole audience, so it cannot be just a brief pencil drawing or a photo of your costume!

1st (mandatory) Character reference/ concept art so that judges can see how the character is supposed to look like. For example.

2nd (mandatory) Pictures for presentations which are shown to the sides of the stage. It can be any picture of the character in-game or show or character key art. For example.

3rd (optional) If you don’t want to have a background video during your performance, then you can send us a background picture or we will use a basic background picture of our choosing. Pictures for the background should be in 2352 x 1344 resolution.

4th (optional) Cosplay progression pictures, their purpose is to see how your cosplay has taken shape.

You will need to send us 2 videos

1st (mandatory) Performance video (you don’t need to be in cosplay) where you show us what your performance will look like. It should be taken seriously because it’s one of the main things we're looking at while deciding on who gets to the cosplay contest. Please treat it as if you were on stage and performing.

2nd (optional) Video for background. This will be played in the background of your performance on the screen that will be placed on the back side of the stage. You can send either an image or video which a resolution is 2352 x 1344 or we will use a background image of our choosing.

Terms & Conditions

By submitting your application, you agree to follow the full version of these rules. By sending an application you also agree to us processing your personal data with compliance to GDPR regulation, for the purpose of managing the competition and compiling statistics. Your personal data will never be misused or given to any third parties. Your submission may be revoked without prior notice or explanation at the discretion of the administration.

The coordinators will not allow a participant to take part in the competition, if:
- They break the event rules;
- They break the laws of The Republic of Latvia;
- They are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
- Any alcohol or narcotic substances are found in their possession;
- They behave in a disrespectful and/or provocative manner towards other participants or administration;
- They deliberately damage other participants’ costumes or props;
- They damage furniture, equipment or decorations of the venue;
- Their costume is unfinished;

A participant may also be banned from further cosplay competitions at UniCon and WinterCon events for a duration, at the administration’s discretion.

The administration reserves the right to exclude a participant from the cosplay competition without prior notice or explanation.


​Congratulations on making this far!

Upon applying, you will get an automatic confirmation. You will also get a confirmation letter when your application has been checked by our coordinators. If either is not received, please contact us by email

Please provide us with your ACTIVE email address in the application form and make sure there are no typos in it. We might need to ask you some questions or request a change of files, so you must check your email regularly to make sure everything stays in order! Remember that communication is the key to success!

INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! Our email address is and you are welcome to use it for any clarifications or file changes. If we do not receive everything by Sunday 28.07.2024 23:59, your application will be rejected.