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Street Fighter Console Tournament

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General Fighting Game Tournament Rules

Date of the Tournaments: 13 January 2024

All Games will be played on PlayStation 5 Consoles

Playstation 5 Controllers will be provided

You may bring your own controllers as long as they are Playstation 5 Compatible, please check in advance.


Registration for all tournaments will be open at the event from 11:00 AM on both event days.

All tournaments will start at 13:00

To have a better tournament experience, we recommend creating a Challonge account so that we can track your achievements on all tournaments that we host.

Online Pre-Registration will be open since the tournament announcement on social media at:

Street Fighter 6: Pre-registration 


If you have pre-registered online or at the event earlier than 30 minutes before the tournament starts, you must show up to check in for your respective tournament. The time slot for check-in starts 30 minutes before the tournament. 10 minutes before the tournament starts we do a final roll-call to see if everyone is nearby and ready and finalise the brackets.

Match Attendance:

We kindly ask all players to be present near the console zone during the beginning of the tournaments, since matches finish quickly and we can’t follow every player around the convention grounds. It is each player’s responsibility to be present at their match station on time. if the player does not appear for their match, they will be given 5 minutes to arrive or else they will be disqualified

Prize Payout:

All monetary prizes will be sent to the winner's bank accounts within a month from the end of the festival.


Street Fighter Tournament Rules

Date: 19th August

Prize Pool - 200 EUR

1st: 100 EUR

2nd: 60 EUR

3rd: 40 EUR


Game Settings:

2/3 Rounds per Battle

99 Seconds per Round


Tournament Rules:

Double Elimination

Top 32 will be played in Best of Three/First to 2 format

Top 8 will be played in Best of Five/First to 3 format

The winner MUST keep the same character

The loser MAY choose to change their character

Random stage select (players may agree on a certain stage)

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