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Panels are interactive discussions and presentations that form a core part of the convention experience. These sessions offer attendees a chance to delve into a wide range of topics related to comics, anime, manga, gaming, literature, and cosplay, among others. Panels are typically hosted by experts, enthusiasts, creators, and sometimes celebrities in the field. They provide a platform for sharing knowledge, discussing ideas, and engaging in Q&A sessions with the audience. These panels offer a unique opportunity for fans to gain insights, learn new things, and connect with others who share similar interests. 

WinterCon and UniCon can be of following types:

- Commercial panels;

- Educational panels;

- Cosplay / Community panels. 

Please read the full descriptions below and apply your panel through this form.

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- Commercial panels: are specialized sessions where companies, creators, and entrepreneurs present their products, services, or upcoming projects to attendees. These panels often include demonstrations, product reveals, and insider insights into the creative and business aspects of the industry. They provide a unique opportunity for fans to discover new merchandise, engage with creators, and learn about the latest trends and innovations.

Duration: up to 50 minutes. 

Price: Presentation Hall from 100 to 500 EUR (depending on the product / service category); Big stage from 1000 EUR. 

- Educational panels: are informative sessions where experts, artists, and industry professionals share their knowledge and insights on various topics related to anime, comics, and pop culture. These panels often cover areas such as art techniques, storytelling, cultural aspects, and industry trends, providing attendees with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the creative processes and cultural contexts behind their favorite media.


Duration: up to 50 minutes.

Price: depends on the topic.

- Cosplay / Community panels:  are interactive sessions focused on the vibrant world of cosplay or particular fandom. These panels provide a platform for cosplayers, costume designers, and enthusiasts to discuss various aspects of cosplay, from costume creation and character portrayal to community building and inclusivity in the cosplay world. Cosplay fandom panels usually includes a group of cosplayers roleplaying their characters while interacting with the fans. 

Duration: up to 50 minutes.

Price: free*. 

*Limited space. Panel organisation is for free, accepted panel participants will receive discount for the event ticket.

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