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Home Arts Contest

Have you ever thought about what our life will look like in 5 years? Maybe 25, 100? And let us move the clock 1000 years ahead! And so, we are with you in 3023! Let's look, what has changed? You must find out! This year's theme is "back in 3023". Show us all the beauty of this place: what people will look like and what they will wear, how buildings will be built and cars will be constructed, what will be on the tables during lunch. Your task is to draw, design, come up with some attribute, view, building and so on, how it could be in 3023. This competition is not limited to drawing only! If you came up with a model of clothes, attach copies of the fabric! If it is a building, you can make a blueprint, if it is the city or the landscape – why this place was built, what kind of infrastructure is there, and so on. A complete outburst of creativity! 


Limitation of work: up to A3 format, sizes larger than A3 will not be accepted. If you decide to bring your idea to life, you can take a photo, but the photo will only go as an addition to the work drawn!

Works will be judged based on the quality of the drawing, originality and composition. The finished work, signed with your name and contact information, must be brought to “UniCon Cafe” (Aleksandra Čaka iela 58, Riga) till 9.01.2023. Foreign participants can bring their work on the day of the event.

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