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TFT Tournament


Do you got what it takes to become TFT Champion?
The tournament is up to 64 players

These 64 player will be divided at random into 4 - 8 people groups for 1/8th final.

Top 4 players of each 1/8th final game advance to the next stage.

The remaining 32 players will come back on day 2 and be divided into 4 groups of 8 people taken into account their position after day 1.


This process will continue until a final set of 8 players is reached for a best of 3 final

 The final will be a best of 3 with points allocated by the end of each match. 1st place - 8 points, 2nd place - 7 points, 3rd place - 6 points etc.. By the end of 3 matches, the player with the most points wins. I a case of a tie, and additional round will be played to determine the winner.

On Saturday, January 13th all of the quarter-finals will be played out. On Sunday, January 14th - the semi-finals and the finals will be played out.


Prize pool – 400€

General rules:

Registration for the tournament will take place at the esports spot on Saturday 13.01.2024 from 11:00 till 13:00.


Players don't need their own League of Legends account.


Tournament organizers will inform who plays in what group and at what time.


Tournament organizers will not provide tickets to WinterCon VIII.


In case a player of failing to show in time for the tournament, they will be disqualified and might be replaced with someone else.


By registering and participating in WinterCon VIII Team Fight Tactics tournament you agree that you've read and accepted the rules.


We reserve the right to change, modify, or adapt all rules as deemed appropriate by UniCon eSports and UniCon administration. 


All disputing moments and other incidents that are not mentioned in rules are resolved by UniCon eSports and UniCon administration. Resolution is final and cannot be escalated.


Prize pool:

Prize distribution goes as following:

III place – 100€

II place – 130€

I place – 170€

Prize money will be transferred within one month after the LAN Final.

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