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Create an Epcic Themed Setup



A fan stand is a space, set with either an entourage from a magical island from fantasy books, or that is an exact copy of the main character’s room from your favorite movie or video game.  It is a window, through which anyone can visit that wonderful world. The most important thing – it should be interesting for the visitors, immersive and be geek-oriented.


Accepted stands will take part in the event for free, which means:

- The fan stand team will get area for stand-building for free, as well as electricity supply (With proper agreement and availability)
- All the team members will get a discounted ticket to the event
- All the team members will have access to the cosplay changing rooms
-The fan stand team can sell their handmade craft (-10% of sales must be given to UniCon  as the payment for the trading place.)
- The stand team may get up to €100 remuneration (After the convention) only 3 best fan stands will be awarded at the Awards Ceremony! (If there is 3 or more participants)

If you have already chosen your fandom, please take a look at the rules and send your application to our curators.

To apply, you need to do the following:
- Fill in the application
- Attach the plan of your stand (with all dimensions and details clearly stated)
- Attach a sketch (a picture of how your stand will look like - in colour)
- Send us photos of 50% complete stand BEFORE the deadline
- Photos and the list of craft for sale (If you’re going to trade things)
- The deadline is 29.12.2019
- Decisions regarding the remuneration will be made until 19.01.2020


1. General rules

1.1 These rules define the format, conditions of participation and function of fanmade stands. The organisers reserve the right to change these rules.

1.2 All information regarding the changes will be published on our website, Facebook and VK pages.

1.3 The only valid version of the rules is the one published on our official website.

1.4 The administration reserves the right to revoke an application without prior notice or explanation.

2. Requirements for the fanmade stands

2.1 Format - A fanmade stand is a separate area decorated in accordance to a fantasy universe from movies, TV shows, comics, anime, games and books. In such area the stand team provides visitors and guests with various activities, games and entertainment. The area can be used as an independent photo zone. The stand team may invite sponsors to aid the building of said stand, with consent from the event administration. These conditions for engaging in the event to not apply to businesses and partners. If you are a business willing to take part in WinterCon VI with your stand, please contact us at to discuss possible partnership conditions and rules.

2.2 Dimensions • We accept applications for stands up to 25m². Applications for bigger areas will only be reviewed if they are complete with the sketch and activity plan. The final dimensions will be defined after approval of the stand curator.

2.3 Priority • Even though we accept applications with fandoms from movies, TV shows, comics, anime, games and books, the priority will be given to new stands who conform to the theme of the event.

2.4 Activity plan • The fan stands have to have an activity schedule for the whole duration of the event. The activities should be suitable both for fans and guests who are not familiar with the fandom.

- The stand has to have a brief description of the chosen universe as well as the activity schedule as a poster or leaflets visible to the guests

- It is recommended to have background sound (music)

- If you wish to raise the volume of your background music, make sure it does not interfere with other stands and exhibitions

3. Decorations

3.1. Decorations and materials used

- There has to be the stand’s name among the decorations (a sign, plaque or a banner)

- The walls of the stand have to be decorated from all sides. The presence of empty walls is unacceptable

- All decorations must be crafted in advance. Only assembling is allowed at the venue

- It is strictly prohibited to perform any lacquer or paint jobs at the venue, including the area adjacent to the exhibition hall

- It is prohibited to use any non isolated electrical wires

- Maximum allowed height for fanmade stands is 3 meters

- All materials used have to be safe and properly secured

3.2. Electricity

If you are planning to use electrical appliances, they have to be safe and approved by the curators in advance. It is forbidden to use any unapproved electrical appliances.

4. Rules for the stand team during the event

4.1 All cleanup at the stand is to be conducted by the stand staff during all days of the event. 

Please also note the following:

- It is forbidden to be present at the event venue under the influence of alcohol or drugs

- Is is forbidden to carry and/or consume alcohol on the event venue

- Is it forbidden to smoke and use vapes (e-cigarettes) at the venue. Please use provided smoking areas.

4.2 Security of the stand and personal items of the stand team

- The administration of the expo hall as well as the event organisers are not responsible for any misplaced or lost items belonging to participants or guests

- The administration of the expo hall as well as the event organisers are not responsible for security of the stand equipment during the stand zone operation times

5. It is forbidden to do the following at the fan stands:

5.1 Usage of open fire and pyrotechnical equipment

5.2 Usage of non isolated electrical wires in the decorations

5.3 Usage of unapproved electrical appliances

5.4 Performing any lacquer or paint jobs at the venue, including the area adjacent to the exhibition hall

5.5 Usage of the following appliances: teapots, boilers, coffee machines, smoke machines, microwave ovens, cotton candy machines.

6. Extras for the participants

- It is allowed to set up a trading zone at the stand, if it organically fits among the stand decorations

- Given that, the trade zone must not take up more than 25% of the stand space

- Usage of the UniCon or WinterCon logo or any other event trademarks for commercial purposes is prohibited

- The goods sold must conform to the stand universe theme. The list of goods for sale has to be approved by the stand curators.

- It is prohibited to sell foodstuffs

-10% of sales must be given to UniCon as the payment for the trading place.

6.2. Advertisement at the fan stand

- If the stand was created with the help of partners or sponsors, the team may display information from said sponsors, including that of promotional character

- Such information, along with the general stand info, should be integrated in the stand decorations or stylized to match them. Please note that companies dealing in or producing alcohol, tobacco products, vapes, shishas or e-cigarettes cannot be accepted as a sponsor or partner. The types of advertisement at the stand can be one of the following: banners, roll-up posters, leaflets, links to partner/sponsor website in the stand announcement. The stand announcement will be published on the event website as well as social networks.

- Mockups of all promotional materials have to be approved by the curators. Unapproved advertising materials will be removed from the stand.

6.3 Fanmade stands that participate in the event may get up to €100 remuneration. To get the remuneration, the team must:

- Include the activity plan/schedule for all event days in the application

- Complete the assembling of their stand in accordance to the application and the rules

- Engage in activities and entertainment stated in the application

Given that all these conditions are met, the team will receive remuneration seven days after the event ends.