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General Info

Dear cosplayers! It is time to announce the Cosplay competition for WinterCon VI! This time we will accept no more than 100 applications.

The deadline for the applications is Saturday 28.12.2019 23:59

Priority will be given to those who have already made their costume (feel free to email us your photos as proof or attach them to your application form). 

Please remember, when submitting links through Google Drive, adjust your sharing settings to “anyone with the link can view”, so we can access your files.

To apply for WinterCon VI Cosplay competition, follow these steps:

1) Fill in the application form here.
2) In the
online form, attach links to your character reference images 
3) In the
online form, attach a link to your mp3 background music file
4) In the
online form, attach a link to a video preview of your performance for us to review
5) (optional) Finally, email us or attach to the form your photos of the complete costume or progress pictures for greater chances of getting in!
6) Upon submitting the application, you will get an automatic confirmation. Within a week of that you will also get a confirmation letter from our coordinators. If either is not received, please contact us by email or through our Facebook page ASAP.
7) Have fun!


Regarding non-contest entries: we will approach these requests individually, please contact us with your ideas.

Application Process

To successfully apply for the cosplay contest you must do the following:

- COMPLETELY fill in the online form here.

Please remember, when submitting links through Google Drive, adjust your sharing settings, to “anyone with the link can view”, so we can access your files. We also recommend submitting a link to a folder where you can put all your files together.


- Add a link to your music file – OBLIGATORY in the .mp3 format. (No wav, m4a, wma, ogg or other stuff!). You can use this (or any other similar software) simple online .mp3 converter if you don’t know how to convert your music:


- Add a link to a folder with your character reference images. These images will represent you and your performance for the viewers and judges, imagine how they will look on the big screen, in front of a large audience. It is a great idea to select separate images for the judges and for the screen - for example, a full-body shot with clear details is a good image to pick for judges’ reference (example), and an action pose/instantly recognizable trademark of the character, picture that tells a story - is a wonderful pick for the screen (example). 


- Add a link to a preview video of your performance (you do not have to be in cosplay for this video, we just need to know what you are going to do on stage. If you have any special props, please include them in the video as well). Please note, that this is a very important step, as it plays a huge role in helping us decide who gets to go on stage. The quality of the video is not important (it’s fine to film it on your phone), but the content is.

- Optional. Photos of your completed costume or progress pictures of at least 50% finished work. By submitting these photos, you increase your chances of getting selected to perform on stage. Please remember, that submission of progress photos still does not guarantee you getting picked. We kindly ask you not to send 20 progress photos in 20 different emails.


INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! Our email address cosplay(at) is still active, and you are welcome to use it for any clarifications or file changes. If we do not receive everything by Saturday 28.12.2019 23:59, the application will be rejected


We accept costumes of characters from movies, TV shows, games, anime, cartoons, visual novels, historical figures and celebrities, etc – any officially published or broadcast source.  


We also accept original characters and your original designs of already existing characters (i.e. your fan art), BUT: a good description and adequate screen image are necessary. Remember - this image will represent your character to the whole audience, so it cannot be just a brief pencil drawing! Be prepared to tell the judges the backstory of your OC, when prompted. The better you describe and present your character, the easier it will be for the judges to evaluate your hard work.


Remember, due to a large number of applicants the time slots will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis! If you absolutely must have a specific place due to costume change/special effects/health/travel reasons, please tell us as soon as possible, so we can secure the place for you.

Terms & Conditions

By submitting your application, you agree to follow the full version of these rules. By sending an application you also agree to us processing your personal data with compliance to GDPR regulation, for the purpose of managing the competition and compiling statistics. Your personal data will never be misused or given to any third parties. Your submission may be revoked without prior notice or explanation at the discretion of the administration.

General Info
Application Process
Terms & Conditions

International Cosplay Contests Qualifiers 


We are honored to announce that WinterCon VI will host the first ever World Cosplay Summit Latvia Preliminary round! Latvia will be the first Baltic country to join the WCS family, starting from 2020. Full rules available here.

Here you can have a look at the WCS 2020 trailer.


Dear cosplayers! You are welcome to apply to NCC - Nordic Cosplay Championship to become a Latvian representative. Full rules available here.

Here you can take a look at the NCC 2019 video.


For the first time in the Baltics WinterCon VI will host a qualifier for GICOF -  Gyeonggi International Cosplay Festival which will take place during the Bucheon International Comics Festival in the Republic of Korea. Full rules here.


More info coming up soon!

International Cospaly

Remember that all props must be safe. All prop weapons have to be made of safe materials (plastic, lightweight wood, foam, etc). If you have a metal blade, make sure it is blunt. All your weapons will be checked by security at the event entrance, and any sharp blades, swords, knives, axes and other piercing and slashing items will be confiscated until the end of the event.

 We do not allow any type of pyrotechnics to be used on stage. Not abiding by this rule will lead to an immediate ban from the competition

Safety First

Safety First
Props and Helpers

Props and Helpers

On stage confetti, party poppers and glitter cannons are welcome. Use of liquids on stage will be discussed individually. If you are planning to throw candy or toys into the audience, please inform us in advance.

 If you need to bring a helper, you may take 1 person per cosplay group. Please provide us with the helper’s name and surname to make sure they can join you in the dressing room/backstage. All helpers will be registered and under no circumstances any unauthorized persons will be allowed into the cosplayer changing rooms unless specifically stated by a member of staff. If the helper is found to disturb the rehearsal process or cause inconveniences in the dressing room, they will be asked to leave the backstage area.

Please not that microphones WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE for use during your performances.



The following nominations will be awarded at WinterCon VI:

NCC Qualifier - one place + one runner-up. The winner in this category will represent Latvia in the prestigious Nordic Cosplay Championship held at NärCon Sommar in Sweden in July 2020! All travel expenses and entry passes will be covered by the organizers.

Best Joint International Performance - 1 place. Show us the power of friendship and collaboration that transcends borders!

Best solo – 3 places.
Best duo – 3 places.
Best group performance – 3 places.
Best cosplay dance – 3 places.
Best armor quality – 1 place. A special prize for our pro crafters who specialize in armor and prop making.
Best sewing quality  - 1 place. A special prize for our pro crafters who specialize in sewing and embroidery.
Best original character – 1 place. Our judges will evaluate the complexity and quality of the costume, as well as the idea and spectacularity of your performance.


There will also be a few surprise categories announced on the spot, so stay tuned!

IMPORTANT! One participant (or a cosband) is not eligible for more than 1 prize. The next best participant or cosband shall be selected instead.

Last but not least

Last but not least

Please provide us your ACTIVE email address in the application form and make sure there are no typos in it. We might need to ask you some questions or request a change of files, so you must check your email regularly to make sure everything stays in order! Remember that communication is the key to success :)

If you are a new cosplayer or have any issues with the application process, please don’t be shy to ask questions! Or coordinators will be happy to help you at cosplay(at)


We cannot wait to see what wonderful costumes you guys come up with this time! Good luck!


Please also read the following information.
The coordinators will not allow a participant to take part in the competition, if:
- They break the event rules;
- They break the laws of The Republic of Latvia;
- They are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
- Any alcohol or narcotic substances are found in their possession;
- They behave in a disrespectful and/or provocative manner towards other participants or administration;
- They deliberately damage other participants’ costumes or props;
- They damage furniture, equipment or decorations of the venue;
- Their costume is unfinished;
- Their performance contains excessive aggression, calls to violence, pornography or profanity.


A participant may also be banned from further cosplay competitions at UniCon and WinterCon events for a duration, at the administration’s discretion.
The administration reserves the right to exclude a participant from the cosplay competition without prior notice or explanation.

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