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Latvian Qualifier


The “World Cosplay Summit (WCS)” was created to promote international exchange through the Japanese youth culture of manga, anime and video games. The World Cosplay Summit began in Osu, Nagoya in 2003 and has grown to include 40+ countries and regions from around the world.

The current list of participating countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, U.K., India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Mexico, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, UAE, The United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, The Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico & Vietnam.

Each country gets to elect their best cosplay duo to represent their country. The competition is held every summer in Nagoya, Japan. There are numerous prizes to be won at this competition, with the most honored title being the World Cosplay Summit Grand Champion.

The event typically spans over 10 days with multiple tourist location visits, Japanese cultural experiences & often getting to meet celebrities & Japanese Government officials.

It is a once in a lifetime experience!

WSC official website

WCS official Facebook page

WCS Wikipedia article


Application due date:

Saturday, 23:59, 28th December 2019

Apply by ticking the corresponding box in the regular Cosplay application form (for Duos only!)

Preliminary Competition date and location:

WinterCon VI; Kipsala International Exhibition Hall 11th and 12th January 2020


This document consists of two parts - The Latvian Preliminary round rules and the rules for WCS Finals in Japan.


Below are the definitions for some of the common terms related to this competition only:

Duos - A Cosplay team of two individuals that has qualified to enter the Latvian
Preliminary Competition.

Entrants - A Cosplay team of two individuals (duo) that have registered to participate in the WCS Latvian Preliminary Competition prior to the registration deadline, but has not necessarily qualified to compete in the Preliminary Competition itself.

Preliminary - The official Preliminary Competition to qualify for the World Cosplay Summit. The winning duo of the Preliminary will represent Latvia in the World Cosplay Summit.


2.1. All entrants of the WCS Latvian Preliminary Competition hosted by WinterCon VI must submit an Application Form by Saturday, 23:59, 28th December 2019. The form can be found here.

2.2. Entrants of the WCS Latvian Preliminary Competition must be in a team of two individuals. There will be no exceptions to the number of individuals allowed to compete.


2.4. There is no limitation to the number of places in the Preliminary Competition.

2.5. Entrants will be notified no later than one week prior to the event the details of the Preliminary Competition. Please ensure that you have provided a working email address as the WCS Latvia staff take no responsibility if you are not informed of competition status. Entrants who have been notified will be known as ‘Duos’. Some entries may be eliminated based on application if the entry is found inappropriate or breaks any of the rules outlined here.

2.6. Entrants MUST prepare one set of home-made costumes. Please refer to Section 3 for more information.

2.7. All Duos are encouraged to attend an advance rehearsal session (time to be determined). When submitting your media files, MP3 is the preferred format for supplied audio, MP4, MOV, AVI or WMV for video. WCS Latvia and WinterCon take no responsibility if you are unable to compete to the best of your ability without music/video, if you do not provide these items well in advance.


Teams should include the link in the application form here
If changes need to be made after submission, participants can email us their link to Video/Audio files to:

2.8. Duos who do not attend the rehearsals will be penalised (situations outside of a competitor’s control will be considered case-by-case). This procedure is in place to ensure the smooth and timely running of all stage events. This also gives our stage staff time to be advised on the best methods to handle an entrants' props, as well as where those props need to be placed onto the stage. Entrants will only have a maximum time of 60 seconds to get their props & themselves onto the stage, so this fast-paced timing needs to be rehearsed. Once the Competition has begun on stage it will not be possible to slot in late arrivals. Exact times Entrants need to be present at the event will be advised via email, as per 2.7.

2.9. All Duos’ presentation and costume will be assessed as per Section 4 of this document.

2.10. The date of the rehearsal will be determined later, but it will be 1-2 days before the event. There will be a rehearsal on the morning of the event itself as well. The competition will happen on one of the WinterCon VI days (11th or 12th January 2020), to be determined later. Prejudging taking place in the morning, with performances commencing in the afternoon. The results will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday 12th January.




3.1. Participants must be over the age of 18-years-old at the time of the Preliminary competition regardless of whether they are successful in winning.

3.2. Prospective entrants must be able to travel to Japan for over one week from the end of July to the beginning of August 2020 for the World Cosplay Summit.

3.3. Entrants must present themselves in the costume of a character from any anime, manga or Japanese game. Characters from Western comics and games, movies or anything else that are unrelated to Japanese popular culture will not be accepted in this competition. For example, Disney characters; such as Mickey Mouse being presented in Japanese games such as Kingdom hearts does not make them eligible character to enter into this competition. Entrants must provide official art references for their entry in the WCS Portfolio, fanart adaptations will not be accepted. Please contact us prior to entry submissions being made if uncertain about the eligibility of a particular character.

3.4. Costumes must be hand-made. Prefabricated and/or purchased costumes will not be permitted. Participants must make at least 70% of their costume themselves, however it will also be acceptable if family or friends help out (70% of the costume must be made by the cosplayer). Prefabricated items may be permitted if they have been substantially altered by the entrant; this includes small items, such as shoes or gloves. Larger articles of clothing such as shirts, dresses, skirts & pants MUST be hand-made.

3.5. All weapons such as: swords, axes, shuriken, firearms, etc; all have to be made of safe materials that cannot cause harm to others around you. Please bear in mind that some items will not be permitted to transport outside of country, should you be chosen as a Latvian representative. Please refer to the general cosplay rules for details on prop safety. Any props required for the competition must be made available for prejudging & the competition itself. All props over 1 meter long cannot be carried around the convention and will need to be stored backstage, except during prejudging and the competition itself. All props under 1m in length are allowed to be carried around the convention.

3.6. Any props or portions of costume that are created using a 3D printer, must have their digital 3D model created by a member of the competing duo. This can be with the aid of family & friends, but must have evidence of the competing duo creating the original digital file prior to printing as well as finishing after. Evidence of construction can be highlighted in a duo’s progress pictures.

3.7. Each Duo is limited to 3 stage props, not including small hand-held props. Each stage prop may not weigh more than 10kgs & must not exceed the measurement of 2.1m X 2.1m X 0.9m.

3.8. There will be a time limit of 2 and a half minutes for any skits performed.

3.9. Entrants should prepare the audio/video necessary for their performance. As previously mentioned, this must be provided to WCS Latvia along with the application submission.

3.10. The use of videos as part of the performance is now permitted. This is to reflect the fact that video is also allowed in Japan. The video should be in 16:9 format. Videos can be either a live-action video or an animation. Only the duo can appear (no other people allowed) in the Live-action videos and the duo can be either the characters they appear as on stage or other characters in the same series. If the duo chooses to have an animation in the video, it must be original work (drawn by the duo or friends). Footage from the original Anime or game cannot be used.

3.11. The Performance must be in English language. Other languages may be used if relevant and understandable without translation (e.g. ‘Bonjour’ for French characters)

3.12. During the performance, the duo cannot leave the stage unattended for more than 20 seconds.

3.13. Entrants MUST purchase their event ticket.

3.14. Staining, marking or damaging the stage in any way is prohibited and will result in instant disqualification, & reimbursement being demanded on behalf of the venue.

3.15. Using pyrotechnics, fire or liquids of any sort on stage is prohibited and will result in instant disqualification.

3.16. Smoke related special effects are prohibited and will result in instant disqualification.

3.17. Costumes entered in the WCS Latvia Preliminary are eligible to be entered in the Saturday/Sunday WinterCon VI regular Cosplay Competitions.

3.18. Entrants are not allowed to touch or damage other entrants’ costumes or props without clear consent of its owner. They may face immediate disqualification and removal from the venue.

3.19. WCS Latvia reserves the right to adjust the competition rules in any way it sees fit and disqualify any entry for non-compliance with the rules outlined in this document.

3.20. Permission is granted to the WCS Latvia and WinterCon to use any photographs/video taken of entrants’ costumes for future promotions of the event.

3.21. WCS Latvia and WinterCon reserve the right to refuse entry/display to any costumes deemed inappropriate. WCS  Latvia and WinterCon also reserve the right to cancel or cut short any acts that it deems to be inappropriate. Decisions are final.

3.22. By entering the competition, the participant agrees to abide by the terms and conditions as set out in these rules. Participants who do not follow these rules will be disqualified.

3.23. Entrants may not enter any costumes in the Latvian Preliminary that have been used in previous WCS competitions, this includes both the Latvian Preliminary & the Championships in Japan. However, if a Duo enters the Latvian Preliminary & qualifies for the Championships in Japan, they may enter the same costumes if they wish.



Rules from this point forward relate specifically to the World Cosplay Summit event in Japan: 


These rules are subject to change over time & will only affect the qualifying Duo.


3.24. In order to participate in a preliminary round event, cosplayers must have proof of citizenship or permanent residency of the country or area holding the event. Please contact your WCS national organiser if you have any questions regarding national representation qualifications.

3.25. You are required to bring a minimum of three costumes to Japan: one for the parade, one for the championship, and one for courtesy visits. It is highly recommended that the costumes used for the parade & courtesy visits be suitable for the summer weather. The World Cosplay Summit events are held during the Summer, & the temperatures can be very hot & humid for participants in or out of costume. It is advised you wear costumes that are simple & easy to wear in these conditions. All costume choices should be discussed well in advance with the WCS Latvia Organiser.

3.26. The costumes must be from Japanese anime, manga, tokusatsu and video games.
* Doujinshi and unique characters from live actor movies based on anime or manga are not permitted. (i.e. Dragon Ball Evolution etc.)
* When doing a costume from a game, the character must be recognisably Japanese. (i.e. not a Disney or Star Wars characters even though the game may be made in Japan.)

3.27. In the Cosplay Championship, please make sure the costumes of the characters in which both of you will appear are from the same Japanese manga, anime, tokusatsu or video game series.

* It is not necessary to coordinate costumes for other WCS related events.

3.28. During the World Cosplay Summit events (WCS Championship, Parade and media appearances), cosplay costumes should be hand-made by the contestants themselves. Commercially available cosplay costumes are not allowed in the WCS Championship but may be used in the Parade and media appearances (but not recommended). 

* It is permissible for family and friends to help with costumes (to a limited extent), but it is preferable that costumes are hand-made by the contestants themselves.

3.29. You are required to be responsible for the cost of any overweight luggage charges when shipping costumes and other items. It is not possible to send them to Japan by air or ship beforehand.

3.30. You should cooperate in a positive manner in order to ensure the success of the World Cosplay Summit.

3.31. Media such as TV programs, internet home pages, newspapers, magazines, etc.may use your pictures and images of the preliminary contests prior to the World Cosplay Summit. On these occasions, compensation will not be furnished.

3.32. Image rights in all media exposure such as news from TV programs and other assorted media involved with the World Cosplay Summit, promotional activities in the print media as well as events and performances, announcements of the Cosplay Summit both prior to the event and during your stay in Japan, will be attributed to World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee.

3.33. After the World Cosplay Summit has finished, images/footage of cosplayers, photographs, programs broadcast, internet home pages and DVDs etc.come under the jurisdiction of World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee. Compensation will not be furnished for such images used by the media. (Your signature will be required regarding this matter.)

3.34. Please send the documents and sound file at least one month before the date of the Cosplay Championship. Cosplay coordinators will give all the materials and guidance to team Latvia 2020.

* Material for submission:
- Performance sheets
- Images of the characters (wearing the same costumes to be worn in the championship)

- Costume construction report (PDF or Word file form. Limit the amount to what can be presented in a short 5-minute presentation. To be used in craftsmanship judging)
- Information on the large props (size, images, placement location and weight of each item)
- Music sound file
- Participation appearance agreement

*Please send these as soon as possible after the preliminary round, particularly if the date of the preliminary round is close to the Championship.


3.35. All clothes, hand-held props (including weapons) and especially stage settings should be handmade. Using commercially available items such as replica swords is, in principle, forbidden. If used, they will not be included in the “Small Props” section during the costume judging.


3.36. Take all safety precautions with stage weapons and props. Should the WCS secretariat judge that a prop used in the performance is a danger to the audience (i.e. slip from hands and cause injury to audience members) the WCS Secretariat may prohibit the use of that prop.


3.37. All equipment, costumes and props for the Cosplay Championship performance are limited to a maximum weight of 40 kilograms combined for both performers. Please report the weight of each item with the other material in 3.34.


3.38. All large props set on stage before the Cosplay Championship performance begins are limited to a maximum weight of 10 kilograms. Prop dimensions are limited to 2100 millimetres in height, 2100 millimetres in width and 900 millimetres in depth.


3.39. All large props set on stage are limited to a maximum of 3 items. Dimensions of hand-held props carried onto the stage must be relayed to WCS head office in written form and accompanied by photographs.


3.40. It is not permitted to directly copy original drawings, logos or graphic art to your equipment or props.


3.41. Please prepare your own music for your performance. A performance sheet stating what you will perform is to be submitted in advance. The use of voice actor’s voices from original works in your music is prohibited.


3.42. When displaying the words used during the performance on the stage screen in Japanese subtitles, we recommend using your native language when speaking the lines.

3.43. The performance at the Championship can be the same as the performance given in the preliminary round, but if it is the same, your performance should be augmented to a level appropriate for the Championship.


3.44. Please strictly adhere to the time limit of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Stage staff will set the maximum 3 stage props before your performance and remove them after your performance. There will be 40 seconds to make the necessary changes before the next group begins.


3.45. The 3 props on stage will not be subject to evaluation by the judges.


3.46. Only the 2 designated representative cosplayers and 2 designated organiser/interpreter/volunteers are permitted to enter the backstage area of the Cosplay Championship.


* Designated organiser/interpreter/volunteer for a given country needs to be appointed/defined by the country’s head organiser prior to the event.


* Family, friends and related press will have seats provided for them and must remain in the audience.


3.47. The organiser and WCS staff or any other person are not permitted to help you during your performance on stage. (Members of the stage staff will help you set up props on stage)


3.48.  It is possible to scatter confetti on-stage during your performance, but it must be limited to 200 pieces & 1inchx1nch in size. Staining, marking or damaging the stage in any way is prohibited. Anything that takes time to clean up on stage is also not allowed. (See 3.47-3.50 for what cannot be done/used)


3.49. It is prohibited to take your performance into the audience area.


3.50. Special effects, etc. produced using the following materials are not allowed.
The following materials are prohibited:

- Powder, small metallic confetti (Lamé);
- Fire (smoke), water;
- Paper confetti smaller than 2cm (includes flower petals and feathers scattered on stage);

* Paper confetti larger than 2cm can be used. (Limited to a maximum of 100 pieces)

- Crackers using gunpowder.

* Crackers not using gunpowder can be used, however the paper confetti expelled from the cracker must observe the larger than 2cm rule as mentioned above.

* The WCS Secretariat will stop any performance that it deems dangerous or a hindrance to stage conversion. When planning any special stage effects please consult the WCS Secretariat in advance.

3.51. Although special effects using the following items are possible, only those using WCS Secretariat approved equipment will be allowed.

Laser lights.

* Since Japanese Law restricts laser light output for safety reasons, only those machines specified by the WCS Secretariat are allowed. If you wish to use a laser light please consult with the WCS Secretariat.


3.52.  Performance order is decided by lottery. Every country’s representatives will be taking part in the lottery with the same chances of placement.
* Once decided by lottery, the order cannot be changed unless there is an urgent medical necessity.


4.1. Judging is carried out in two parts:

- On Stage judging

- Craftsmanship judging

4.2.  Duos MUST attend the Craftsmanship judging session (prejudging) in the morning before the competition to allow judges to have a close look at the costumes and for entrants to answer any questions the judges may have regarding their performance or costumes. During the Preliminary Competition, Duos will perform on the main stage in front of a panel of 3 judges. Judges will select the best of the Duos as the winning team based on the criteria and process outlined below, which are carried out to the same standards worldwide.


4.3. Each on-stage judge can award 100 points for Performance, 50 points for Costume Stage Expression, and 50 points for Character Fidelity, for a maximum total of 200 points.

(a) Performance (100 points): Art of performance, inventiveness, entertainment value, and smoothness of act.

(b) Costume Stage Expression (50 points): Faithfulness of movement, look and flow of costume to original character, visual impact of the costume on stage.

(c) Character Fidelity (50 points): Faithfulness of performance to original character and story.


* If a team breaks the time limit rule (3.6) for stage preparation, a penalty on the team’s point score will be imposed on the performance score.

* 10% total point deduction for exceeding the time limit by up to 10 seconds. 25% total point deduction for exceeding the time limit for more than 10 seconds.


4.4. Craftsmanship judging is carried out the morning of the event and added to the score from the onstage judging. Each judge can give up to 100 points. An average score is calculated which is then multiplied by the number of on-stage judges and then divided by 10 to give the final craftsmanship score.

* Costumes to be worn on stage and hand-held props will be subject to craftsmanship judging.

* Background screens or larger props on stage are not subject to judging

Craftsmanship (100 points):

The mark out of 100 given by the craftsmanship judges will be subdivided into the following subcategory:
(a) 40 points for accuracy of the costume,

(b) 40 points for the quality of the costume,

(c) 20 points for technique.


Accuracy is marked as a direct comparison of the costume with the original artwork. A costume that is identical to the original artwork should receive 40/40, and a costume that looks nothing like the original artwork will therefore receive 0/40.


Quality is marked based on several factors, including how well the costume is put together, how well it fits the contestant, how neat painting, sewing, etc. has been done.

Technique is marked as a way to reward skills. A costume that used a wide variety of difficult skills will be awarded higher marks in this category than a costume that uses a few simple techniques.


* If a team is found to break costume rules outlined in this document, the craftsmanship judges are able to penalise the craftsmanship score of that team. Penalties may vary depending on rules broken.

* Please note the winners of the competition are held as ambassadors for Latvian Cosplayers. Entrants should exhibit a positive & supportive attitude. Judges may penalise an entrant based on attitude. Penalties may vary depending on rules broken.

*Progress pictures and comments in your submissions should be taken seriously, as judges will use this as a guide for your craftsmanship score. More detailed documentation may lead to a higher score than a submission with limited information.


4.5. The winning team chosen by the Judges of the Preliminary will receive an invitation to represent Latvia in the 2020 WCS Competition to be held in Tokyo/Nagoya, Japan, as well as two plane tickets and one week of organised accommodation. The WCS Latvia organiser will follow and guide the progress of the team throughout the year.
Luggage included is 2-pieces check-in luggage at a weight limit, as per airline restrictions. Winning duos are responsible for any luggage that exceeds the luggage limits set by the airline, & are also responsible for any additional costs this could incur. Duos must present a valid passport that allows them access to International travel to Japan from Latvia during July-August of 2020, with 6-months of validity past this time so they can travel. (Passport has to be valid until January 2021 minimum).


4.6. Previous qualifying entrants who have qualified to participate in the World Cosplay Summit Japan, may not enter the World Cosplay Summit Latvian Preliminary the same year that they are representing in Japan. (Eg. Team Latvia 2020, may not enter the WCS Latvia Preliminary to become Team Latvia for 2021)


4.7. The judging panel cannot consist of any World Cosplay Summit Latvia staff members or members that are competing in the competition.


4.8.  Once the winning team has been announced, entrants may request immediate feedback from selected judges regarding their costumes & performance. Judges will only offer feedback to the entrants who request it. Please note that Judges comments are given for the benefit of the entrant to help them improve in the future. Comments provided do not reflect the opinion of WCS Latvia or WinterCon. Feedback can also be requested via email once the event is completed.


4.9.  Winners must sign contract documentation from the World Cosplay Summit Inc. & the World Cosplay Summit Latvia. If winners do not sign the contracts & documentation required, they will forfeit their prize and title.


4.10.  In the event that the First Place winning Duo is unable to represent Latvia in the World Cosplay Summit, the Second-Place duo at the Latvian finals are to be invited as the reserve team. In the event the First Place winning Duo has to withdraw:


4.11.1     The reserve team is immediately notified and enquired about their availability. If the reserve team is unavailable, the Third-Place duo is notified and enquired about their availability.


4.11.2 World Cosplay Summit Inc. is immediately notified about the change of team and team personnel.performances.