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For the first time ever - introducing Teamfight Tactics tournament!  

  • The tournament is up to 32 players.

  • These 32 player will be divided at random into 4 - 8 people groups for the quarter - finals.

  • Top 4 players of each quarter final advance to the next stage.

  • The remaining 16 players will be divided into 2 groups of 8 people taken into account their position after the quarter-finals.

  • Each semi-final will consist of two 1st place players, two 2nd place players, two 3rd place players and two 4th place players.

  • Top 4 of each semi-final advance to the final.

  • The final will be a best of 3 with points allocated by the end of each match. 1st place - 8 points, 2nd place - 7 points, 3rd place - 6 points etc.. By the end of 3 matches, the player with the most points wins. I a case of a tie, and additional round will be played to determine the winner.

  • On Saturday, January 11th all of the quarter-finals will be played out. On Sunday, January 12th - the semi-finals and the finals will be played out.

  • Prize pool – 250€ 

General rules:

  • Registration for the tournament will take place near the esports stage on Saturday 11.01.2020 from 12:00 till 13:00.

  • Players don't need a League of Legends account. Each tournament participant will be provided by a generic account to ensure everyone plays on the same server.

  • Tournament organizers will inform who plays in what group and at what time.

  • It is prohibited to install or use any software on the tournament computers that will impact the game or give any player an advantage over others.

  • Tournament organizers will not provide tickets to WinterCon VI.

  • In case a player of failing to show in time for the tournament, they will be disqualified and might be replaced with someone else.

  • By registering and participating in WinterCon VI Team Fight Tactics tournament you agree that you've read and accepted the rules.

  • We reserve the right to change, modify, or adapt all rules as deemed appropriate by UniCon eSports and UniCon administration. 

  • All disputing moments and other incidents that are not mentioned in rules are resolved by UniCon eSports and UniCon administration. Resolution is final and cannot be escalated.

Prize pool:

  • Prize distribution goes as following:

  • III place – 50€

  • II place – 75€

  • I place – 125€

  • Prize money will be transferred within one month after the LAN Final.