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Sergey "Parva" Parvatkin

One of UniCon Latvia founders. Has a very boring personality, as he is a certified lawyer. Enjoys traveling and meeting awesome people all over the world (like Comic Cons and legal conferences).

Alyona "Sayu” Shepeleva

Usually I am the first staff member that you see at UniCon, because I am at the entrance. ;) If you want to know something more about me, you can ask personally. 

Alina _Okaasan Jansone.jpg
Alina 'Okaasan' Jansone

My hobbies include mundane things like gaming, cosplay, theater and cooking. I am a motherlike figure to most of my friends because I love helping out and taking care of people.

Jekaterina Kitty-x Zjamkina.jpg
Jekaterina "Kitty-x" Zjamkina
Stage Host

An eternal child and dreamer, my goal is to never grow up. My hobbies include anime, reading, craft, cosplay and stuff. A big fan of Sailor Moon, MLP, Firefly and LOTR. 

Leo Frei
Stage Squad

I'm very friendly and helpful person, who loves to be useful to others. My hobbies include equestrian sport (I have my own horse), cosplay, aircraft modelling, photography and video making.

Maxim MaxOvt Ovtin.jpg
Maxim "MaxOvt" Ovtin

Music! Only Music!! But Music!!!

Lolic Roberts.jpg
Lolic / Roberts

A passionate anime fan, always there to help out choosing an anime ~_~ pushing his eyeballs to the maximum, playing League of Legends, and other games, communicative, and sometimes not.


I am a man with many interests, ranging from arts, to wargames, to gaming, to even anime. A strange, but fun guy to be around.

Oxi (Oxify).jpg
Oxi (Oxify)

I love hats and teas. My whole apartment is decorated with teas. I love to make people happy. I am very happy to help the community that creates such a great and wonderful thing as joy.

Dina Leyon.png
Dina Leyon
Secret Service

You can always catch me at info or at award ceremony. If I am not there, that means that I am running around and searching for someone or something. My passions are videogames, tattoos and manga.

Flera Gaki Martinova.png
Flera "Gaki" Martinova
Cosplay Rental

Being the staff turned into amazing experience with awesome people I love to work with. Trying my best to provide you a huge amount of fun by doing and working on small but important things.

Photo Contest

Just a human looking for my place in life. Been a part of unicon only since 2018,but oh boy, is it fun! Almost always open for a conversation, so feel free to talk, i don't bite.

Resident Host

Been part of the UniCon staff for a few years now, and I take immense joy in creating these events for everyone to enjoy. You’ll find me with the foreign guests, since I am the resident host.

Asole Danosa.jpg
Asole Danosa

I love the culture which Unicon brings. 

Usually in cosplay, so little bit hard to find, but if you have any issues, questions or anything else, just ask.

Stage Squad

Daniel "Helleon" Pohodnev
Stage Squad

Aside from board games, I really enjoy tabletop rpgs and of course videogames. I do partake in the act of watching anime, as well as TV series like Game of Thrones.

Gvido 'Kamiks' Zēvalds
Stage Squad

I’m an open minded, fun loving individual, who loves meeting new people and traveling. My main hobbies are videogames, tabletop games and anime

Stage Squad

Game. Programmer." The bravest warriors were fighting each other 3 days in the row. Cracking steel, rivers of blood. No one was even thinking of retreating!

Severīns Aus-letoiz Kaužēns.png
Severīns "Aus-letoiz" Kaužēns
Stage Squad

I'm in the Unicon Staff from the WinterCon in 2017.. So far it has been a blast. Still studying in University and in my free time i make movies. I speak Latvian, English and German.

Social Media

Social Media Manager

Artist, traveler and herbalist. I’m into LARPs, urbex, reading, rollerblading and heavy music. Studying environmental sciences. I adore interesting and brave people that are proud to be geeks.


Kseniya Yume Pitashko.png
Kseniya "Yume" Pitashko

I have a lot of dreams that I achieve and I like dreaming very much.
You can find me in the arts area holding a drawing contest or in the artist alley at the table filled with some craft.


I enjoy messing around with art and my art style. I think I learn really quickly, even though it seems otherwise at first. I hope we get along and I can be somewhat of use :3

Marta "Mars" Holste

I'm a simple anime and video game fan that enjoys art, crafting and writing. I try my best with every task that I am given.


It started as my obsession with Jap-animation and comics since I was a kid, but afterwards childish obsession grew into a serious hobby. Now I know a lot of awesome people and started cosplaying.


Vladimir Valukard Danilov.jpg
Vladimir "Valukard" Danilov

My passion is comics - I enjoy the works of The Big Duo (DC & Marvel), as well as some other publishing companies. Some years ago I used to extensively watch anime, but not so much anymore.

Evgenij Medic.jpg
Evgenij "Medic"

I am just a tall and funny guy from Riga. I like to take part in all kinds of events and parties. I also like sports - I play a lot of street football.


I'm keen on anime and I have my own fandub project; web-design is my cup of coffee, I spend a lot of time creating websites; and I also have a sweet tooth.

Polina _Mikami_ Vidus.jpg
Polina 'Mikami' Vidus

I'm a Universal Woman, and also a redhead! I have 200% of energy and Rock'n'Roll!!! Anyway it's always about Rock'n'Roll babyXD

George Axe Dailidjonok.jpg
George "Axe" Dailidjonok

I am just a funny guy from Riga, who loves to play all kinds of games, communicate with others, help them and have fun.

Yulia aka Ivayasan Puplaka.jpg
Yulia aka Ivayasan Puplaka

My hobbies are Japanese culture, books, comics, cosplay, dancing, blogging and other. I’m friendly, smart and open-minded.


Lithuanian cosplay freak and a little kid deep inside. Started cosplaying in 2008 and is still in the game for fun! Loves and sucks at League of Legends.

Ilja Jurevich

Like anyone would be interested in information about that guy. Just a guy that has ambitions in life. And he still has a long road ahead to accomplish those ambitions.

Kegarn Wang.jpg
Kegarn Wang

I wished to help UniCon any way I could, so I got my wish granted. I`ve done a few cosplays and plan to do more in the future. I play videogames, role-play games etc.

Konstantin Fixme.jpg
Konstantin Fixme

I can't imagine my life without music. For so many years appreciate music of "Yello". In my opinion, it is the best band.

Jana ‘Eminora’ Priedite.jpg
Jana ‘Eminora’ Priedite

I’m glad to be able to help it by drawing posters, logos and other stuff that is needed. I’m learning a lot of new things and it’s a great practice for my career!

Natalie Grachova.jpg
Natalie Grachova

I am cheerful and sociable. I have a video operator diploma, and in my spare time I enjoy photographing and filming, playing the guitar, singing and playing video games.

Dezember Dzhivas.jpg
Dezember Dzhivas

I am always ready to help You! :з I started my anime-way in 2011. Organizer of Slender Games IRL. I'd like You to have a nice time

Vanillith  Tofi.jpg
Vanillith / Tofi

I've been drawing more seriously since 2010, and it's my main hobby! I'm very spontaneous.. which can sometimes be a good thing.. I think v_v But I do hope we can all get along!

Sergey ‘’Lindar’’ Aleksandrov.png
Sergey ‘’Lindar’’ Aleksandrov

I see the world through the camera lens - camera is always with me. I enjoy playing Playstation. When I have free time, I like to spend it with my friends while drinking tea with them.


A passionate cosplayer since 2013, still not the best, but i try. I'm very lazy most of the time, but, if duty calls, i won't give up until the task is finished!


Hey! I have been a staff member since 2016. Usually I am at the doors, backstage or just running around. I’m always down to help and meet new people, so don't be afraid to come up and have a chat.

Ružena / Ru

I came to UniCon because of anime and stayed because of the community. In my non-weeb time I'm studying programming and journaling. I really like being helpful!

Juno Kreisler.png
Juno Kreisler

An on-and-off anime and general asian culture junkie. I sometimes also play the uke, violin and piano, or draw, or craft. Also a cosplayer. I will be happy to assist you in your UniCon adventure!

Elizabete  Tea.png
Elizabete / Tea

Usually in cons im a staff person in cosplay, sprinting back and forth around the venue, doing stuff. Always open to chat, talk or help out, I am literally the last person to be afraid of.

Nikolay Princess Samsonov.png
Nikolay "Princess" Samsonov

I am average man. I am simple man. I see you – I hug you. I like games, sweet drinks, jokes, and hugging. I fairly strong, I can lift chairs, tables and you, when I hug.

Hanako Miyasaki (Doll).jpg
Hanako Miyasaki (Doll)

A simple anime fan who enjoys all things cosplay. Really likes petting cats so if you have one please let me pet it ^.^

Alina (Ralina) Ratobilska.png
Alina (Ralina) Ratobilska

At first I was just a visitor, then cosplayer, and now I am one of the big UniCon team family. I am quite open to communication, so if you meet me - you can calmly ask me something or talk with me.

Julianna Maki-chai.png
Julianna "Maki-chai"

Hi! I'm active, outgoing and various person, I'm trying to be useful and to believe that nothing is impossible.
My hobbies are drawing, anime, videogames, cosplay, cooking, photography and hugs! :3


I like lots of things as I have lots of hobbies, if you want to have a chat or just to ask about me, feel free to come on the events, I am very open minded so feel free to do this.

Angelina Lin Pozdnyakova.png
Angelina "Lin" Pozdnyakova

I'm just a geek-girl, who's always happy to help. Hobbies - art, fanfiction, procrastination... running from deadline included. For details you better ask personally, or this thing will never end!:^D

Katrine Andersone (lander).png
Katrine Andersone (lander)

I'm a huge nerd, who is mainly into fandoms and video games. If you'd like to know more, don't be a stranger and come to talk!

Andrievs Auseklis Auziņš

Most often you'll find me by the PC gaming location or running around somewhere. If you want to (and manage to catch me while I'm somewhere put) come over and say "hi".

Vladimir Orlov.png
Vladimir Orlov

Just an ordinary guy interested in all kinds of geek stuff.

Max (purple) Rudakov.png
Max (purple) Rudakov

I'm in staff from unicon 2018. I like art, tea and tattooing. Unicon helped me to find more friends, if you want to know something more about me, ask me personally.


Sometimes I call to call myself Olice. After joining UniCon staff I have met great amount of new friends and new fandoms. I really like to draw, do some art projects and to help people


Algimantas Poderis.png
Algimantas Poderis
Staff Lithuania

Lithuanian, started in Lithuania, have no idea what I am doing in Latvia, but I love it. My workplace is like a casino, I literally never know where I end up, but that's more fun.

Erika Stela.png
Erika / Stela
Staff Lithuania

Hi! I'm Erika aka Stela from Lithuania ^^ Weird girl volunteering at many events. Known as cool Pikachu backpack girl (ง^ᗜ^)ง

Milda 'Takeko' Petrauskaitė
Staff Lithuania

International volunteer. Took me one visit to WinterCon to realize I want to join the team. I take in redbull and snacks and turn 'em into positive energy.

KPOP Squad

Lilija Mitrofanova Lily or jinmiiin.png
Lily or Jinmiiin
KPOP Squad

Artist, animator, hand made things/some craft, photographer. About other things you can ask me personally~  
I speak: Russian, Latvian and English
Study: French and Korean

Taisija Ellerelas Cepurite.png
Taisija "Ellerelas" Cepurite
KPOP Squad

Hello! My name is Taisija, but you can call me Ellerelas. I like drawing, watching anime, K-Pop and many other interesting things.



I'm a random person in UniCon organisation. My hobbies are anime, manga, PC games and some random hobbies/activities all over the place. I'm studying in the field of science.


As a passionate gamer and anime lover, I could not miss the chance and went to my first UniCon. It was an amazing experience that I wanted to share with more people by helping with what I can.

Janis “Hinko”.png
Janis “Hinko”

My hobbies are anime, PC games and D&D/Pathfinder.

Mark  LuckMan.png
Mark / LuckMan

Got into the staff team in 2018. Most of all I am responsible for e-sports. 
My hobby is going out with friends, watching anime, playing computer games, sometimes I also read books and manga.


Kaiya Volodina.jpg
Kaiya Volodina

Creative personality though I am very cynical, I am also very communicable and talkative. Extremely talkative. You've been warned. My Special Talent - be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Nazar Ichigo Ildeikin.png
Nazar "Ichigo" Ildeikin

FOR the HORDE!!!!! I’ve joined staff in 2017. If you want to talk with me you can always find me in the console area - it's my spawn. Favourite games: Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Hearthstone and WoT.

Anastasija Imranova.png
Anastasija Imranova

Pleased to meet you. My passion is gaming and oldskool consoles. Also I like to dance, so I can be easily spotted at the dancing area.  Keep calm and Just Dance!

Ņikita "StylerBess" Mihailovs

Common gamer. Like to play cybersport games, I was semi pro player on Heroes of the Storm and Dota 2. I want to help make e-sport on hight level In Latvia and Baltic countries.

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