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Optibet CS:GO Latvian League


32 Teams - 3000 € Prize Pool

“Optibet” and “UniCon” are organising “Optibet Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Latvian League”. Tournament will be hosted in Swiss System (Bo1) - games will be held on 7, 8, 14 and 15 August with LAN Semi-Finals and Finals (Bo3) during UniCon 2021 on 21 - 22 August.

Registration till 2nd August.

No registration fee.

Prize poll - 3000 EUR only for 1st place.

Tournament information at and

Registration on FACEIT

Rules in Latvian.


General Conditions 

1.1. Tournament administration 
Organisers appoint admins for “Optibet CS:GO Latvian league” who oversee and manage the course of the tournament. Admins can be contacted via Discord server. The head admin can join the game servers at any time without prior announcement and/or reason. 

Head admin: Andris Krūmiņš, “dantey”. Discord: danteyLV#4271 

1.2. Applicability 
By entering “Optibet CS:GO Latvian league” and playing the games Players and Teams accept those rules and are binded by them.

1.3. Timing 
Participants are expected to attend all games within reasonable time prior to their start. Delay may result in warnings, penalties up to disqualification. 

1.4. Sportsmanship 
All participants are required to treat administration, other participants, tournament partners, press and fans with utmost respect. Any unsportsmanlike behavior may result in warnings or other sanctions provided by tournament rules. 

1.5. Communication 
The official communication between tournament administration and the teams should happen via the official UniCon Discord server under “Optibet CS:GO Latvian league” category. Tournament administration shall primarily use Discord to communicate with the teams and their captains. 


Tournament Specifications

2.1. Team requirements 
Teams consist of five (5) Players and can have up to two (2) substitute players (up to seven (7) players in total). Team should consist of Latvian residents, only up to two (2) players on the team can be foreign nationals. All players should be available to travel to International Exhibition Center Ķīpsala (Ķīpsalas street 8, Riga) on their own expanse on 21-22 August for the LAN semi-finals and finals in case they proceed there. Failure to comply will result in disqualification and replacement with a team of lower placement. In accordance to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia decree 360 - only those players who have active certificates of full vaccination or certificate of being ill Covid-19 within previous 180 days are allowed to play in the LAN finals (this rule may change if the epidemiological situation improves).  

2.2. Roster changes
Only the Team’s Captain is allowed to submit and confirm changes to the Team Profile, without any exceptions. The Roster Change can be submitted by writing to a Tournament Admin only on Discord. 
Adding a Player, or replacing an active roster’s Player with another Player, or adding a new Substitute or a Coach shall count as one (1) roster change.
Teams are allowed to submit two (2) roster changes during the Swiss stage

2.3. Game Accounts & Clients
A Player can participate in the Tournament only with a registered game account (Steam account). An unregistered Player will not be able to join a game server.

All Players must have a registered account on

All Players must install FACEIT Anti-Cheat Client, as all matches will have FACEIT Anti-Cheat requirement enabled.

2.4. Registration
The Team must register itself and its players on the Tournament’s website. 

2.5. Team Profile, Team Names and Player Nicknames
Players may only register their own official nicknames without any additions. Sponsor/Clan tags on servers are allowed in-game until the semi-finals and finals. Tournament administration can request the Participants to remove their in-game clan tags without any reason, and the request must be respected. FACEIT Team names must be renamed so the team names do not display the Player name instead of the Team name according to the registered team names on the registration form.

2.6. GDPR 
By signing up a Team to the Tournament, the Team’s Representative and all the Players agree to provide all the required data requested in the signup form and agree to the process of their data, explained below:
Team’s logo, Player’s profile picture, Player’s full name, nickname, social links, country data. Players’ full name, FACEIT, Steam, Discord info will be processed to validate participating Teams and Players for the active Tournament. All other data is to be completely terminated 30 days after the Tournament has been concluded. A participant has the right to withhold one’s data with a reason by creating a request via UniCon Email, or by contacting
the Head Organizer and/or the Head Administrator. Any request to terminate the recording process shall not be accepted. 

2.7. Interviews  
In the Swiss Stage, Semi-Finalist and Finalist Teams should decide which Player will represent one’s Team by attending the Tournament broadcast’s live interview. The Team must inform the Head Admin about which interviewee will represent its participants - no later than thirty (30) minutes before the Matchup begins. The interviewee must have a webcam and a microphone available for the duration of the said interview. Interviews in a studio may also happen by prior agreements. 

2.8. Participation Restrictions
Tournament Administration reserves the right to restrict anyone from playing in the Tournament with the reasons being (but not limited to):
- Player being linked to previously banned game accounts;

 - Suspicions of the Player possibly cheating;

 - Tournament’s brand and image being negatively affected by the Player’s reputation.


Matches Specifications 

3.1. Tournament structure

32 players 

Swiss System games:

  • Teams will be placed into four (4) Swiss-System Stage groups (eight (8) teams in each group), where each Team plays a best-of-one (Bo1)match against all other seven (7) Teams. The system may vary by the amount of Teams signing up for the Tournament.

  • Win - 2 point; Lose - 1 point; Forfeit - 0 points.

  • Team with the highest amount of points from each group proceed to the semi-finals. 

  • In case of two teams with the same amount of points in a group - the team which the match between them both - proceed to the semi-finals.

  • Games will take place on 7,8, 14 and 15 August 2021.

Semi-Finals and Finals:

  • Are hosted LAN at International Exhibition Center Ķīpsala. 

  • Games will take place on 21 and 22 of August 2021 during UniCon 2021. 

  • Best of Three (Bo3) matches. 

3.2. Match start and timing
When the upcoming matches have been drawn, each Team will receive their match timeslots from the Tournament Administrators, which will be seen on the published Schedule. All the information is to be available on the UniCon Discord server under the “Optibet CS:GO Latvian league” section.

All five (5) team members, as well Coach(es) and Substitute(s) must have joined their own FACEIT Team in order to be able to join and play a match. After the Tournament registration is closed, Tournament’s Head Admin will require the Team’s Captain to accept his friend request, in order to receive a special invite to the Tournament.

If one of the Teams does not come to the match on time, the late Team has exactly fifteen (15) minutes in order to begin the match. Otherwise, the non-attended Team’s opponent is allowed to request an automatic victory (16-0). Any request must be sent to overseen and confirmed by the head admin.

3.3. Rescheduling & Roster Changes
Teams are no longer allowed to reschedule their matches, due to most of the matches being played within a timespan of one (1) and/or two (2) days. If a Team needs to change its roster during the Tournament, the Head admin must be notified of a change no later than one (1) hour before a scheduled match. If the Team decides to change its roster (incl. swapping a current Player with a new Player, or only adding a Participant at all) sooner than one (1) hour before the said match start, the Team receives one (1) Penalty Point. For a repeated offence, the Penalties may rise accordingly.

3.4. Match Streaming
Players and/or Casters/Observers, whose Team’s Tournament games are not featured on any UniCon/Optibet stream channels, are allowed to stream their matches of their own Point-of View or GOTV match on any social platform of their choice. The head admin must be notified if a certain match is being streamed. The broadcast delay for the livestream should be set to ninety (90) seconds, so the opponents cannot use the livestream as an unfair advantage by “stream-sniping”. Players are strictly prohibited to share game server IP addresses with anyone outside the game matchroom, except current match Players. Teams’ Observers/Casters must notify the head admin of the stream, and therefore shall ask for the GOTV IPs. If the server IP is shown/visible on the Team’s Player’s or representing Observer’s/Casters broadcast, the corresponding Team shall receive a penalty. Tournament Officials are not responsible if the player/streamer decides to ignore the recommended stream delay.


Game-specific rules

4.1 Game Server and its settings
All matches are to be hosted on FACEIT default game servers.
In the FACEIT matchroom, a Player shall join the game server via the “GO TO SERVER” button, which will launch the game and automatically join the server.
The Tournament Officials reserve the right to make changes to server settings.

  • Start money - $800

  • Round time - 1 minute 55 seconds

  • Freeze time - 20 seconds

  • Bomb timer - 40 seconds

  • Timeouts - 4 timeouts per map, 30 seconds each

  • Overtime — Enabled, max 6 rounds, $10,000 start money

4.2. Players
All matches, without exceptions, are to be played exactly with 5 Players on the Team as 5 versus 5. In case of a Player being unable to play a match due to a technical issue, after the issue is presented to an admin no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to match start.

4.3. POV Demos
All players must record their Point-of-View demos for each match and store them for a month after the played game. In case of a filed Match Protest, the relevant POV demos must be provided, depending on the situation. To record the POV demo, all participating Players must type record
<optibetcsgo_stageRoundNumber_username> into the CS:GO developer’s console. E.g.: For Swiss Stage Round 5 - record optibetcsgo_swiss5_Zen. Failure for any Team’s member to present a valid POV demo after an admin’s request can result in the team being disqualified and/or a match being forfeited. The final decision of the Match Protest outcome shall be forwarded by the head admin to both Teams’ Captain directly.

4.4. Tactical timeouts and Game Pauses
Each Team is allowed to call a tactical timeout of thirty (30) seconds up to four (4) times per map using the in-game Call a timeout function.

Ifa Player has a problem that prevents him/her from playing, their Teammates can use the pause function by typing “pause” in the in-game public chat up to five (5) minutes only once per map. A reason for each pause must be written in the In-Game chat, in order to inform the opponents and admins.

Admin’s technical pauses, as well as round backups, are exceptional functions in FACEIT game servers that must be requested instantly when needed.

4.5. Graffiti
Players are prohibited from using in-game graffiti and sprays during the Tournament’s Playoffs Stage. Players should ensure that the spray’s ‘hotkey’ is unbound from their keyboard and mouse to prevent accidental use.

4.6. Leaving the Server

All rounds shall be played to the very end of the match. A match is considered complete when one team has reached 16 rounds during the regular time of the match or has won most rounds in overtime. Appropriate penalties may apply if this rule is broken.

4.7. Player Models
All players are only allowed to use the default In-Game player models during the matches. The new Player agents (models) introduced in the recent operations (“Shattered Web” and “Broken Fang”) shall not be used as they might give an unfair advantage to the opponent. Although, if a Team is using the new player models and their opponents are fine with it, and if both Teams must agree on this before the match starts, then the match can carry on and ignore this rule. For all featured (live streamed) Matches, use of in-Game player models is prohibited.

4.8. Server Crash and Player Drops
If the server crashes before three (3) rounds have been completed (in a half}, the server shall be restarted, and the half’s score shall be reset to 0-0.

If the server crashes after more than three (3) rounds have been completed in a half, a server backup shall be loaded, loading the last match backup, starting from its buy round.

In case a Player has disconnected from the server due to a technical issue before any damage is taken from any Player in the match, the Players shall inform the opponents In-Game and request a round restart, which shall be issued in case an admin identifies that a Player has indeed disconnected before any damage has been dealt and shall issue an admin’s pause as soon as the backup has been loaded. If the said Player does not resolve the connection issue within 5 minutes, the Player will not be able to join the server again, and the Team with the dropped player shall receive a forfeit loss for the match.

4.9. Map Pool
The map pool reflects the Valve’s Active-Duty maps:

  • Vertigo

  • Dust 2

  • Inferno

  • Mirage

  • Nuke

  • Overpass

  • Ancient

4.10. Map Veto
Veto process is carried out in the FACEIT matchroom. The FACEIT matchroom system determines which Team starts the veto process first randomly.

In a Best-of-One series, both Teams remove one map, then the process is repeated until the last map is determined. The last map is the one to be played. First side pick (CT or T) function is disabled.

In a Best-Of-Three series, both Teams remove one map, afterwards each Team picks one map. To decide the Decider Map (7*), both Teams remove one map again, resulting in the last chosen map to be played as the third map if needed.

On all picked maps, a knife-round is played to determine a Team’s starting side.

Overtime is enabled in order to prevent a tie between the game. Overtime consists of 6 (six) extra rounds if a tie (15-15) has been made. The match is finished when the winner has been determined

4.11. Pre-Match Map Veto
In case of a broadcasted match, the pre-match map veto process must be done no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled match start.

Only a selected Player or the Team’s Captain from each Team can participate in the pre-match map veto process. During the map veto process, the first statement coming from the team representative towards the admin will count as ban/pick, which cannot be reverted.

4.12. External Links
UniCon Administration email:
UniCon “Optibet CS:GO Latvian league” page: 
FACEIT Client: https:/ 
FACEIT Anti-Cheat Client: httos:/ 
UniCon Discord server: 



5.1. Types of prizes
Main prize of the Tournament is the money prize for first place.
Other participating Teams might be awarded with Tournament’s Promotion prizes.

5.2. Payment and receiving of prizes

The main prize of the Tournament is the money prize, as well as additional prizes from the Organizators and its partners. 

After determining winners, the respective Teams are to be contacted by the Tournament Admins or the organizators via Discord for further details. In case Discord communications are lost, the Team Representatives shall be notified via E-mail they signed up upon Registering their Teams.

Money prizes are paid within thirty (30) days after the end of the Tournament and are paid to the bank account of each player of the winning Team.

The Organization holds the right to withhold any payment or have pay-out delays if an undergoing investigation is taking place about suspected cheating.

5.3 Distribution
The prize pool of the Tournament is three thousand (3000.00) EUR.
Prize money distribution:
1st place 3000.00€



6.1.  General
It is forbidden to delay the Tournament in any way. (For ex.: disrupting any scheduled matches) Glitches and pixel walks are not to be used as an advantage.
“Match Fixing”, or to agree with a Team or Player on a certain outcome of the match is strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to give up or continue to play or lose very conspicuously with a very visible result. In this case, the opponent Team(s) can receive an automatic win (16-0) and can be prohibited to play in subsequent matches.

6.2. Match Protests
If a Team wishes to file a Match Protest regarding the result of a Match then they have up to twenty (20) minutes to put forward their case as to why the result should not stand. The Team must provide as much evidence as possible to support their case and the case must be put forward to the Tournament’s Head Admin. If no case has been made within twenty (20) minutes after the Match finishes, the result will stand. Where such complaint relates to a Participant potentially breaching the Code of Conduct, the Match Protest request must be made to any Tournament Admin.

6.3. Code of Conduct
It is forbidden to humiliate or offend the Players of the Tournament in any way. (Text form, Voice form, via In-game communications, etc.) It is forbidden to talk about defaming Organization’s projects and the staff working within it. It is forbidden to show any form of disrespect.

Participants must not engage in harassment or hate speech in any form. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Hate speech, offensive behavior, or verbal abuse related to sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, or religion.
- Stalking or intimidation (physically or online).
- Spamming, raiding, hijacking, or inciting disruption of streams or social media.
- Posting or threatening to post others’ personally identifying information (“doxing”).
- Unwelcome sexual attention. This includes unwelcome sexualized comments, jokes, and
sexual advances.
- Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior.

6.4. Disqualification Procedures

The Tournament Administration, as well as the Organization reserves the right to disqualify a player for non-compliance with the Code of Conduct or any major breach of rules without prior notice. In an event of a player being disqualified, Player’s Team (the Player is participating in) is to be disqualified as well. For a Team disqualification, the registration fee will not be refundable.

In cases where a Team shows no real effort to get a match completed or is even obviously blocking, the said Team shall be disqualified. In hard cases this can affect both teams. If a Team is unable to connect to the game servers due to game account problems, a forfeit win shall be granted to the opponent Team. The Tournament Administration has the last word in any and all disputes and can make decisions outside the specified rules if required.

6.5. Cheating

A player cannot participate in the Tournament if the said Player has received a Valve’s Anti-Cheat (VAC) ban within the past five (5) years prior to signing up for the Tournament. If a Player has a global third-party ban (FACEIT and/or ESEA) and/or has received the VAC ban in less than five (5) years, the said Player is banned from participating in the Tournament without any exceptions. However, this rule can be overridden by the Head Admin if the said Player has proven that the VAC ban is not on the player’s CS:GO profile and/or removed, by providing solid proof for review.

Use of Aimbot, Colored Models (Skin Changers), Anti-Recoil, Multicheat, In-Game Sound modification applications and any other methods that could give an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited and will result in a Tournament ban.

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