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 Showcase Your K-Pop dance Cover Skills! 

General Info

Welcome to the K-pop dance contest at GeekFest!

In this competition pre-registered dancers and dance teams will compete with performances they have prepared at home.

The deadline for applications is Sunday 20.02.2022 23:59. 

Under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia decree Nr. 720

Event can be attended by:

- Vaccinated or recovered adults with active certificate;

- Children under 12 without an active certificate;

- Children from 12 years of age present a test certificate or a laboratory statement on a screening test conducted within the last 72 hours with a negative result. 

We accept dances choreographed by Korean artists/choreographers, performance has to be a K-pop or any other Asian based dance, even if the music is not Kpop - make sure to note it in the application form. 

Please register by following these steps:

1) Correctly fill in the online application form - can be found here.
2) In the application form, provide good quality photos of the dancers you are portraying. If you are making costumes accurate to the original source, please choose a photo with those costumes in it. Minimum size of the pictures: FULL HD 1920x1080. If pictures won’t succeed our rules and expectations we will replace them with a different one by our choice.
3) Include a link to an Mp3 music file for your number, with correct length (1, 2 or 3 min). (We wont accept  wav, m4a, wma, ogg or other stuff!).
4) Include a link to a video recording of your rehearsal

You don't need to buy ticket online, all registered kpop contest participants are subject for discounted ticket which is available only at event entrance. Regular ticket is not applicable for stage performance.

Kpop 5M FB.png


Participants will compete in the following categories:

SOLO - 1 person. Max performance length = 1 minute
DUO - 2 people. Max performance length = 2 minutes
GROUP - 3-18 people. Max performance length = 3 minutes

  • Your performance has to be a K-pop or any other Asian based dance;

  • We also accept dances choreographed by Korean artists/choreographers, even if the music is not Kpop - make sure to note it in the application form;

  • We will accept no more than 80 performances;

  • No age restrictions;

  • Maximum allowed number of people on stage at any given moment is 18;

  • Time restrictions for solo = 1 min, duo = 2 min, group = 3 min;

  • Even though the costumes do not play the main role in this contest, dance teams who made costumes accurate to the reference images will get extra points;

  • Contest participants are eligible for a discounted ticket (can be purchased on the door).

We accept dances choreographed by Korean artists/choreographers, performance has to be a K-pop or any other Asian based dance, even if the music is not Kpop - make sure to note it in the application form. 

Remember, due to a large number of applicants the time slots will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis! If you need a specific place due to costume change/special effects/health/travel reasons, please tell us as soon as possible, so we can secure the place for you. Participants can rehearse ONLY ONCE to make sure that everyone will have time to rehearse because of limited time for the rehearsals.

The reference image MUST be in good quality and the resolution MUST be no less than 1024 x 768. Please do not send in photos of yourself! This should be a photo of your chosen artist to display on the screen during your performance. A link to a Google Drive FOLDER with all your files is the best option. If using Google Drive, please make sure to update your sharing permissions to "anyone with the link can view" (in case of low resolution administration will replace your images).

General Info



The awards for K-pop Contest will be held at the GeekFest Awards ceremony.

Best Solo - 3 places
Best Duo - 3 places
Best Group dance - 3 places
Best stage show - 1 place

Safety First

Safety First

Please follow the current COVID-19 regulations and of course if you have cold symptoms, you are required to self-isolate, to observe home quarantine or isolation, be responsible ‒ stay home! Only persons with active EU digital Covid certificate, confirming that you have been fully vaccinated or have been previously ill with COVID (within the past 180 days). Negative tests are not enough for entry. 

Last but not least

Last but not least

By submitting your application, you agree to follow these rules fully. By sending an application you also agree to us processing your personal data with compliance to GDPR regulations, for the purpose of managing the competition and compiling statistics. Your personal data will never be misused or given to any third parties. Your submission may be revoked without prior notice at the discretion of the administration.


Please also read the following information.
The coordinators will not allow a participant to take part in the competition, if:
- They break the event rules;
- They break the laws of The Republic of Latvia;
- They are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
- Any alcohol or narcotic substances are found in their possession;
- They behave in a disrespectful and/or provocative manner towards other participants or administration;
- They deliberately damage other participants’ costumes or props;
- They damage furniture, equipment or decorations of the venue;
- Their costume is unfinished;
- Their performance contains excessive aggression, calls to violence, pornography or profanity.


A participant may also be banned from further Cosplay, K-pop, Artist’s Alley, etc, participation for a duration, at the administration’s discretion.
The administration reserves the right to exclude a participant from the Cosplay and K-pop competitions without prior notice or explanation.

By joining the competition, you agree that your photos may be used for UniCon advertisement purposes.

NOTE: We kindly remind you not to rehearse in the dressing rooms. People who rehearse in dressing rooms or bothering other participants will be excluded from the contest participation. 

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