UniCon 2021 is scheduled for 21 and 22 August 2021.



KOREA IN 2022!



With no conventions this summer and international contest being postponed, UniCon have the honor to host a REGIONAL online qualifier for the GICOF Cosplay At Home contest! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic spread, let’s have fun with cosplay at home!


11 countries will participate in the “Cosplay at Home” contest: Netherlands, Taiwan, Latvia (including participants from all three Baltic States and even more!), Vietnam, the United States of America, Spain, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Thailand, Philippines! The contest will consist of two stages:

Stage one: each country will select 3 (three) videos from the applications they got. 

Stage two: out of 33 videos from 11 countries top videos will be selected. 

First prize - Expenses-covered trip to Gyeonggi International Cosplay Festival (GICOF) 2022 in Bucheon, South Korea! Includes round trip plane ticket, accommodation and a chance to perform on stage during the GICOF 2022! + 1000 USD

2nd – 5th place - money prize USD 500

6th – 10th place - money prize USD 300

11th – 30th place - money prize USD 150

All prizes are issued by GICOF!


* The winner's prize will be paid after deduction of taxes and the public charges.
(For overseas participants, payment will be made after tax deduction according to
the tax treaty between the relevant country and Korea.)



  • Facebook
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• Apply solo (1 person) or duo (2 persons);

• No age limit!!

• You can apply from any EU country! 

Video time limit: up to 2 minutes;

Video resolution: 720p or higher (1080p or higher recommended);

Video format: MP4, AVI/horizontal filming recommended;

Location: limited living spaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g., home, garden, garage, etc.);

Requirement: use at least one daily necessity used at home;

• Apply through the form on this site.

• Application deadline August 24th;


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• Novelty (40%);
• Acting performance (30%);
• Completion (20%);
• Wittiness (10%);


The costumes should be of the fictional characters of comics, animations, games, movies or dramas, and extra points will be added for Korean characters (5% of the total score).


Thanks for submitting!


The submission of the video will be deemed an agreement to the use of the video in the Bucheon International Comics Festival;

The images, music, photos, etc. used for the video should not infringe any copyrights, and the participants shall be liable for any breach thereof;

Costumes such as overexposing or gory costumes, those that give displeasure to others or are inconsistent with the international atmosphere (the COVID-19 crisis, racial discrimination, etc.) are not allowed;

Screening and deliberation of the 33 videos from the 11 countries for the GICOF 2021 World Champion will be from August 27, 2021 to August 31, 2021;

Announcement of the rankings takes place on September 12, 2021;

Publishing of the videos by rank on the GICOF homepage and YouTube takes place on September 12, 2021.