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DOTA2 Tournament

16 Teams - 1000 € Prize Pool

Prize Pool - 1000 EUR

Participation Fee - Free

Online Qualifiers - 7 and 8 January

LAN Finals - 14 and 15 January

Register here!

Available and registered players.

Toornament site.



1. Organizers and administrators of the league reserve the right to assess unique situations outside of the rule book, to guarantee the welfare and/or integrity of players and league

2. Grades of penalties based on infringement:

● In-game sanctions:

○ Draft level 1: -30 seconds reserve time

○ Draft level 2: -70 seconds reserve time

○ Draft level 3: -110 seconds reserve time

● Cancellation of choice (Side/Pick) priority

● Auto game loss (def-lose)

● League disqualification

3. Any player with a Latvian citizenship is allowed to participate in the tournament

4. Broadcast of the games is allowed for anyone, provided that a 5-minute offset or “delay” is set

5. Any player in the tournament is only allowed to attend games after completing the registration form

6. It is strictly forbidden to place bets on games or influence their outcomes



1. Players are forbidden from putting offensive, racist, hate-fueling or other inappropriate names in their in-game nicknames

2. Players are forbidden from using offensive, racist, hate-fueling or other inappropriate words in an in-game chat

3. Players are forbidden from using offensive, racist, hate-fueling or other inappropriate words in the Discord chat

● The above includes, but is not limited to:

○ Personal information leakage (doxing)

○ National, ethnic, physical, sexual, etc. derogatory comments

○ Physical threats

● If the rules mentioned above are breached, the administration considers that the penalty may be awarded both individually and to the team represented by the individual

4. It is the responsibility of every player or Member of the Community to maintain a healthy, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere

5. Players are banned from publicly leaking private conversations with administration



1. Tournament format and number of teams can vary each season, notifications to follow up on Discord channel

● Organizers reserve the right to change the registration duration, tournament format and/or number of teams at their discretion

2. When completing the tournament registration questionnaire, the player certifies that the submitted information is correct

● The penalty for misleading information on the questionnaire is its cancellation and/or barring from the league

3. It is categorically forbidden to use any kind of assistive programs (cheats) as well as any kind of “bugs” at tournament games

4. It is categorically forbidden to use another Steam profile in tournament matches that was not listed on the relevant player's registration form

5. Teams are prohibited from using any type of copyrighted material in their logos

6. Each team must appoint a captain who will be responsible for communicating with other captains and league administration inside a private Discord channel

7. If a player leaves the league prematurely without a valid reason, he/she may be denied the chance to participate in future leagues

● In that situation, the league administration is looking for a replacement with the team captain

8. The average MMR of teams playing in the tournament may not exceed 5000 MMR

9. The minimum MMR a player adds to the team's MMR amount is 1500.

● Accordingly, if a player's MMR is 300, that player will still be rated at 1500 MMR.



1. It is the responsibility of each captain to create the Lobby games correctly and accurately, based on the following:

General Settings:

Game Name: Command A vs Command B

Game Mode: Captains Mode

Lobby Password: (setting the password and sending it to the captain of the other team)

Server location: Stockholm (or other, with the mutual consent of captains)

Lobby visibility: Public

Enable Cheats: OFF

Advanced Lobby Settings:

Selection Priority: Automatic, or coin toss

League: TBA

Spectator: enabled

Dot TV play: 5 minutes

Pausing: Unlimited

Series Type: BO3

● Improper creation of Lobby could be punished with a warning or def-lose for repeated infringements

2. Penalties for obstructing games are given as follows:

● Time XX: XX + 5 min - Warning

● Time XX: XX + 10 min - Draft Penalty level 1;

● Time XX: XX +15 min - Draft Penalty level 2;

● Time XX:XX + 20 min - Draft penalty level 3;

● Time XX: XX + 30 min - is awarded a loss in the first game;

● Time XX: XX + 45 min - is awarded a loss in the series;


3. After the first game takes place, the next game must start within 15 minutes

4. Captains are allowed, by mutual agreement, to transfer the match-to-match to another time

○ If the game is not played until the next round, the loss is awarded to a team that did not show up at standard time

6. Each team has the right to use a pause of up to 10 minutes. This amount shall be updated for each game.

● After a 10-minute pause, the other team has the right to resume the game without discussions

● After a 10-minute pause, captains are allowed to wait longer by mutual and voluntary agreement

7. If teams, while in lobby or during the draft, mutually agree a pause as the game begins, then that pause doesn't affect any team's 10-minute limit.



1. Only 1 replacement is allowed, as there must be at least 4/5 original players.

● If a team is unable to provide 4/5 original players, def-lose is awarded

2. It is not allowed to use a replacement who hasn't registered for the tournament without approval from the administration

3. When using a replacement, the average MMR of the team may not exceed the specified limit (5000 MMR average)

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