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Attention, dear cosplayers and photographers! 

Announcing UniCon 2019 Photo Cosplay Contest.

You may submit up to 3 photos in cosplay, after which they will be exhibited at the event. 

To apply, you must: 
1) Fill in online application form stating all the required information on character, model and photographer. The deadline is 27.07.19 ( is still working in case you have additional questions).
2) Attach the digital photos to the e-mail for us to review them.
3) If you are selected, bring the prints to UniCon Cafe on an appointed day or on the first day of the event (till 13:00). 


Obligatory conditions: 
1) The photos cannot contain any sexual materials.
2) The photos cannot contain any indecent gestures or calls to violence.
3) The photos must be printed on photo paper at least A4 size.
4) Photos must be sent to us via online application form and approved by our committee to be valid.
5) Photos that have already taken part in previous UniCon organised events are not allowed to compete. 
6) One photographer cannot submit more than 3 photos; one model cannot appear in more than 3 photos. Submissions that were not agreed upon between the model and the photographer, will not be accepted and will not be exhibited at the event.
7) By sending us photos you confirm that the participation in UniCon 2019 Cosplay Photo Contest is confirmed by both photographer and the model. If photos are send without consent of any party - person who send photos won't be accepted for the next contest and photos won't be displayed at the event. 
8) If photos were sent to email, but without prior noticed brought within given term - person who sent the photos won't be able to participate in the next contest.
9) By submitting your application, you agree to follow the Photo Cosplay Contest rules.


The works that were approved and brought to us on time will be displayed at UniCon 2019, 3 and 4 of August 2019.