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GeekFest Art Contests

Welcome to the art section you've been waiting for! We have prepared for you a lot of contests that we are launching for the first time! So, what awaits you at GeekFest.

Contests during the event to be announced shortly. 

Home Art Contest

GeekFest "Home Art Contest" theme is "clouds". Clouds are an amazing phenomenon of nature, which seems so ordinary that we almost do not notice it. Clouds shape in completely different images, ranging from romantic and soft feathers, ending with dark and heavy weights, all depending on your perspective and imagination! Unleash the full potential and charm of this natural phenomenon, choose the appropriate theme to your taste, and give the clouds this mood. Reveal their colors, show their majestic gold, delicate pinkness, formidable blackness, or mysterious turquoise... What other colors can be hidden behind them? Is there a story hidden or displayed inside those shapes? All types of drawing are welcome – from traditional to digital, paint, pencils, crayons and much more! Do not limit yourself in possibilities! 

The format of works is up to A3 including. All works must be delivered before 27.02.2022 date to to “UniCon Cafe” (Aleksandra Čaka iela 58, Riga) or given in on the first day of the event (only for foreign participants!). Works must be submitted in their original form or printed if it is a digital version. All entries must be signed and have a contact phone number

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