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Artists' Alley

General Info

General Info

Artists Alley is the area at a convention where up-and-coming, famous, or amateur artists can display and sell their work, draw sketches, or sell other merchandise. Typically, this area can be found at comic or anime conventions. The space provides an opportunity to network, make a profit, and gain recognition for your work. 

UniCon is here to help young artists and offers them a place where they can sell their own creations, meet fans and sign autographs. Due to that fact the space at Artists’ Alley is limited. From this edition we are accepting “Flea Market”/“Garage Sale” applications to the Artists Alley in the same manner as the traditional Artists Alley applications. 


In order to get your place during UniCon 2023 please fill in this application form. By submitting the application you agree to the UniCon 2023 Artists Alley rules and event general rules.


You don't need to buy a ticket online, all registered artists are subject to a discounted ticket which is available only at event entrance. 

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Application Process

Application Process

​Join our Artists' Alley by filling in an online application form before 06.08.2023. You will receive additional confirmation from the artists alley organizer within a week upon application submission.

1. Artists must provide a quality product to sell in a quantity that is enough to fill the table. The goods can be placed on the table and near it, as long as it doesn’t disturb others. Goods have to be in accordance with the theme of the event. 
2. The goods provided must not be dangerous, harmful, disrespectful, have a strong smell, be smearing or have inappropriate content. Food products are not allowed to be sold.
3. Each artist is allowed to bring one assistant.
4. Artist and his assistant must provide their ID at the entrance.

5. Artists and assistants must buy a ticket to the event. All registered artists and their assistants get a discount ticket (25 EUR per person), which can be bought only at the entrance.  
6. There is an additional fee that is based on your sales. The additional fee is 10% of the total sales made during the event. The additional fee should be given to the artists alley organizer on the second day before leaving (on the two-day events) or on the first day before leaving (one-day events). You will receive a special envelope for the fee at the entrance, sign it and seal. 
7. Artists must arrive before the opening (not later than 60 minutes before the doors open). At this time a picture of your table will be taken. If you are late on the day of the event – please inform the artists alley organizer ASAP. Otherwise you might lose your spot.
8. The allocation of tables for the event is done in advance by the event administration, and it is important to note that once assigned, they cannot be modified or changed. 
9. Artists must be in place during the event (11:00 – 18:00). If there are good reasons to leave earlier than the agreed term, the artist must notify the organizer of the artists alley personally or via mobile phone (only messages). It is allowed to leave the table if there is a substitute (assistant). The table must never be left unattended!
10. Artist or his substitute (assistant) are fully responsible for the goods and the table. UniCon staff does not take responsibility for your belongings! 
11. Artists should provide a link for their store or social media page and a square logo or picture we will use on our social media pages for your presentation.
12. Mature (explicit, 18+) content is not allowed for public display during the event. Mature content should have appropriate covering.This may include blurring or pixelating explicit imagery, bleeping or masking offensive language, or implementing any other measures necessary to reduce the explicitness or offensiveness of the content.
13. Only applications filled with an online form at will be considered.
14. We might ask you to provide a stock report of your goods before the event and the second stock report of your remaining goods by the end of the event. Failure to provide a stock report can result in your registration cancellation and ban from future events.


Termination of registration

​​We reserve the right to ask you to leave the convention and refuse to refund your ticket money if you:

​- Break the event / artists alley rules;

- Break the laws of The Republic of Latvia;

- Are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

- Damage furniture, equipment or decorations of the event;

- Behave in a disrespectful and/or provocative manner towards other participants or administration;

- Disobey the administration;

- Arrive late (or don’t show up) without informing the organizer of the Artists alley.

​​A participant may also be banned from further Artist’s Alley, Cosplay, K-pop, etc participation at UniCon and WinterCon events for a duration, at the administration’s discretion.

In case of any questions related to artists alley, please contact the Artists Alley organizer – Alexander “Andosmir” via email:

Termination of registration
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